What Makes Technology Good or Bad for Us?

What Makes Technology Good or Bad for Us?
What Makes Technology Good or Bad for Us?

What Makes Technology Good or Bad for Us?

In this blog, I will discuss about What Makes Technology Good or Bad for Us? How technology affects our well-being partly depends on whether it strengthens our relationships. Is technology good for us or bad for us?  Does technology make us less happy or more happy?  As Shakespeare once said, “there is nothing either good or badbut thinking makes it so.”

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Technology is a tool, a means to an end–and we get to decide how that story ends.  My goal through this blog is to inspire a new way of thinking about technology, one that gives us new language with which to think about how we fuse technology into our lies.

On one side we say the younger generation has become dependent on technology and because of that is becoming more and more lazier. Hardly there is any one who is not aware of smartphones web and play video games, online shopping and a lot of other areas where people have substituted a technological (lazier) way of going about these activities rather than the traditional way. May be the above statement is against the technology and the computer but there is no denying the benefits technology plays in education.  Not only are there improvements in problem solving skills, job-related skills, motivation, and reading comprehension but technology makes learning fun and easier. When technology is utilized in learning and teaching the younger generation, the benefits of technology in the classroom are shown. What Makes Technology Good or Bad for Us?

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One of the biggest roles that technology plays is with communication.  In The New York Times article “Staying in Touch with Technology” by Sam Grobart, he discuss the ways people can stay in touch with others using computers and the internet through Skype, email, iChat, and AIM can do facetime etc.

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