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When everyone listens to the term Geography, the picture comes up in their mind is maps, But geographer is not only about maps. It is a study of the area, sand quality, Environment, Different types of landscape, etc. Geography allows us to learn of a disaster which takes place on earth due to natural activities such as earthquake, cyclone, Tidel waves, etc. It also tells about a different type of pollution which is created by humans such as water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, etc. all these topics are the basis of Geography.

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Geography is divided into two parts such as Natural Science (physical geography) and Social Science (human geography). In Physical Geography, we study landscape, soli, Layers of earth, natural disasters, and other topics related to the environment. Human Geography consists of details about the total area of different countries, man-made disasters, pollutions, suitable soils for construction, agriculture, etc.

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You may also study climatic conditions, weather, and the water cycle in geography. Climatic geography is totally dependent upon nature. Sometimes human activities caused harm to the environment around us. Geography for improving are natural environment we need to study about geography.

Geography is all about connections of humans with spaces and places. Physical properties of the earth, such as mountain ranges and bodies of water, for example, can dramatically impact the way humans move, think, and act. Geography seeks to understand how physical landscapes shape human history.

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According to National Geographic, geography is the “study of places and the relationships between people and their environments.” So, you can already see that geography is much more than just studying maps and knowledge of country capitals.

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