Yoga gaining popularity among the Younger generation


The younger generation are now showing great interest in the field of Yoga. It has garnered a lot of importance and attention recently due to initiatives by both private and government organisations. With various certified courses, diplomas and career options within the field of Yoga, it suits the taste for youngsters pursuing a more Avant Garde route.

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Youngsters nowadays are extremely intelligent and inclined towards innovative ideas and different experiences. Their intellectual capabilities and physical prowess are on par with each other. Hence, they will genuinely enjoy practice of an ancient form such as Yoga in more innovative ways such as Aerial Yoga, Yoga wheel and Power yoga. The Aerial yoga is the practice of physically exertive asanas where the body is supported by a suspended hammock. It not only gives you the feeling of hovering, it builds the core and limb muscles of the body. its playful form pricks the curiosity and enjoyment of young practitioners.

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All these innovative forms are performed in large groups. The social nature of the practice sparks friendships and positive competitiveness among peers.

the current generation of youngsters are very health conscious and have information available at their fingertips. There is a surge of people who are now inclining towards a more natural, healthy, holistic lifestyle. This includes their diets, their exercise regimes, etc. Yoga is the obvious solution since it is more than a physical work out, It is an all round lifestyle.

Another captivating factor of yoga is its easy accessibility, it can be performed anywhere, anytime. This is the point of conception for Yoga for Corporates and even Brain power enhancing yoga for young children in schools.

All these benevolent factors have a great impact on the young and the curious which inclines them towards yoga. For those who’s interest is sparked through these forms and develop the curiosity to know more, Yoga is taught in its ancient forms such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, etc. These true to the roots forms of yoga take the practitioner to important spiritual destinations such as the caves of the Himalayas, with its many lakes, waterfalls and forests. This attracts the young spirit who has a wanderlust for ancient Yoga.

Yoga is as vivid and varied as the young generation of our current time. It is the ideal pairing.

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