4 Engineers who Changed the World


An Engineer is a person who uses scientific knowledge to desgin, construct and maintain balance of problems and solution with innovation and creativity.It is scientist who discover new thing but it is engineers who put it into motion.

Thomas Edison

Light bulb is one of those great inventions that brought so many thing into our world. Beside that as engineer he have invented. With invention like motion picture camera and phonograph he have brought us into the world we are leaving in now. Thomas Edison was the first investor who make use of mass production technique.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

He may be famous for his work as an artist, illusionist or sculpture but had some keen interest in science and mathematics. In a TV series, “Da Vinci Demons”, they have shown his some inventions. He designed a hand glider that was tested back in his time. In 2001, Norwegian builders build a highway bridge based on his design.


He is said to be a gifted person who was a mathematician, investor, astronomer, physicist and engineer. With his knowledge no wonder why ha was one of most influential engineers. He built war machine those used to defend the gates. Archimedes Screw was the one of the greatest invention.

Write Brothers

Orville and Wilbur, both brothers are very thankful because their invention made all distance so small. After experimenting for 5 years on gliders they came up with idea to fly a mechanical glider called plane now. With the power of aerodynamis

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