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India may be among top countries in numbers of engineers produced each year but when you look for quality into them, it gets trump by quantity. In 2011, National Association of Software and Service Company made some estimation about engineers. This estimation said that only 25% of IT engineers are good for jobs. This is status of 6 years back but still the pool is still empty. India is lacking in producing students with good quality and skills.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Aspiring Minds did another research on 36,000 engineers. Their research said that 4.77% of the engineers can write correct logic for a program. Logic are minimum requirement for a IT job and we are able to fulfill that. Employment Assessment Company tested students of IT stream from 500 colleges. This test on Automata, a machine learning based assessment of software development skills.

The study says, “IT require to maintain code, it should be less prone to bugs, reusable, readable and extensible.” When one create a time efficient code it saves a lot of time. This kind of code is IT is looking for. A effective and efficient code is what they want and only 1.4% coder are good enough for that. That means their code what it supposed to do and in the right and speedy manner. Also, when come to compilable code one third of the students from top 100 universities of country are able to write a code that will show no sign of error when change to machine language.

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