5 attractive career options in real estate in 2023


Indian real estate is growing over the years and continues to be in the limelight of domestic and international investments. With the recent government reforms that aim to promote transparency and accountability, the Indian real estate industry is at the threshold of accelerated growth. The sector promises huge prospects making it the perfect time to be a part of the growth story. And the rising number of options for residential and commercial plots and other prominent region testifies this fact.  You’ll probably be able to discover the employment opportunity you desire in real estate, whether you’re searching for something with more flexibility, more structure, larger or lower stakes.

Here is a compiled list of real estate-related career options you can pursue in 2023. These are demanding opportunities that could also lead to lucrative new employment for you.

  1. Real Estate Agent

This is the most common entry-level position in real estate. A real estate agent helps with the sale of a home. The primary function of this position is to represent the seller or buyer of a property. This position requires a significant amount of networking, relationship maintenance, and paperwork. Real estate agents typically earn a commission, or a percentage of the sale/purchase price of their property.

  1. Real estate managing broker

A real estate broker is the owner and operator of a real estate brokerage firm. If you are already in the path of becoming an agent and would like to know how your career can progress further, consider becoming a real estate broker. It’s one of the jobs on this list that requires a real estate licence. They are self-sufficient, which means they keep 100% of their commission split. They frequently hire, support, and manage real estate agents who work under them in their office. Operating a brokerage entails a significant amount of responsibility.

  1. Loan Officer

Loan officers play a critical role in the real estate transaction process, since most buyers will require a loan to make a real estate purchase. Some loan officers specialize in both mortgage (residential) and commercial lending. They work for lending institutions, like banks, and act as an intermediary between the consumer and the lending institution. They work to understand their clients’ needs and provide lending solutions tailored to the individual or company they’re serving. When an ideal option is identified, they also assist individuals in the loan application process.

  1. Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers assist individuals in negotiating the best mortgage loan terms. If you enjoy negotiating and crunching numbers from the comfort of your own home or office, this real estate industry career may be more rewarding than buying and selling properties. A mortgage loan broker typically works for a bank or another mortgage lender and assists borrowers with the mortgage application process.

  1. Realtor

A realtor distinguishes themselves in the real estate industry by adhering to a higher code of ethics and standard of conduct, as well as by broadening their sphere of influence and network. Taking the extra efforts to become a realtor shows buyers, sellers, and other real estate industry professionals that you are dedicated to providing a higher level of professional service to your clients by establishing a solid educational foundation.

Authored by Anurag Goel, Director, Goel Ganga Developments

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