5 Priorities to Improve the Indian Education System

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Introduction Priorities of Indian Education System

We all believe that thefuture of any country lies on how well developed is the education system of that country. Hereby, according to the statistics of the education system in our country, there are approximately 500 million people who are below the poverty line and hardly have access to education. There are so many mind sets that pose a hindrance to the Indian Education System. Hence, pursuing a professional degree isn’t that important, but primary education, is a basic necessity for the societyA lot of corruption and malpractices are prevalent in our Education system, these days. Improvement in our education system can open up more employment opportunities and take India to greater heights. Below listed are 5 priorities, as to how the Indian education system can be improved:

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How to Improve Education System in India

1. Effective Implementation of Education Laws:

Every citizen of India has been given a Fundamental Right to Education but it has not been so effective in India, this makes the citizens uninformed about their fundamental rights and duties. The government must work on creating more awareness on these rights and schemes, so that they can be used most effectively.

2. Betterment in Government Schools:

Now days it has become very important for the government schools to take a major step in reforming the prevalent education system as a majority of the Indianpopulation resides in rural and semi-urban areas. Various changes should be made in government schools such as the infrastructure, teachers, etc. Government schools must provide quality education to everyone regardless of one’s ability to pay. Teachers must be provided trainings.

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3. Elimination of Reservation Criteria:

This is one topic which is controversial. Removal of the quota system will bring a major change and improvement in the education system. Due to the quota system there are so many students who don’t get chances for admission in nice government as well as private schools. Only children with poor economic conditions must be given basic education.

4. Technology Based Education:

Smart classes should be conducted in all schools rather than sole theoretical knowledge since this is the era of Technology. Teachers should be well acquainted with computers and must have a clear understanding of the subjects, being taught. Practical knowledge is the need of the hour because a child can retain better, what he sees and hears in his/ her memory rather than what he reads.

5. Health Education:

Health education is one of the most important areas which requires attention and improvement. Yoga and other workout programs should be included in our education system to help in inculcating good values and a healthy mind in the children. Public sanitation system should be improved and more awareness campaigns should be enforced.


Indian Education system has come a long way and major changes have been made, there is still a long way to go. Though some changes have been implemented, there is always scope further improvement and a better education system in our country

Vinay Goyal, MD SRS International school


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