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Skills form an important part of a candidate while seeking an appropriate employment and till date, we have come across many head-hunters, who have different thought process and recommendation to make you job-ready, but we all are keen to know what it takes to fall into the selection job parameters of employers who are looking for multi-skilled candidate. Here is a list of those appropriate skill sets that you need to choose while you are in college so that employers can “choose you”

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  • Communication – An effective communication is the key to success. The way you speak is a trait that is noticed by each employer and such a skill set is in great demand in the job market. 7 out of 10 employers rue that it is not easily to find a graduate who have excellent written and oral communication skills. If an individual is able to demonstrate this skill effectively, then he already has edge over other candidates.

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  • Nurture your EQ – Though technical skills are also important, but we cannot ignore “Emotional intelligence” It is an inborn trait that resides in all of us – in smaller or higher doses. It completes the whole persona as a fundamental element of human behaviour and also affects our decision making ability at the workplace. Hence, we need to cherish this skill-set as this is also what employers look for.
  • Body Language – Recruiters also check for body language, personal presentation and grooming skills in a candidate. A formal attire, pleasing personality, a good handshake, eye contact, showing your acknowledgement are certain important tools that can  strengthens your chances of “being hired”
  • Adaptability Being flexible to surrounding and people is imperative. In future, we might come across people with contrasting personalities and work styles coming out of our comfort zone. We should learn to work around differences, irrespective of our personal likings and preferences in order to become a successful professional. There is no better trigger for an organisation than having a adaptable and self-motivated employee in a team
  • Attention to Detail It is imperative for every candidate to pay full attention to the questions by an interviewer as he/she is gauging our presence of mind. In a corporate set-up there are very minute aspects that need to be taken care of and hence, it is inappropriate to ignore little details that will matter. Recruiters now a days look for disruptive ideas, which is possible only if we pay attention to every single detail.


The ability to be effectively communicative, adaptive is important to lead a group in an organization followed by taking initiatives and inspiring a team to meet deadlines, handle crises. The ability to think logically and solve problems creatively will make you valuable to any team, so keep these tips in mind too.

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