7 Websites That a Student Can Visit For Hands-on Learning


Students are generally on the lookout for diverse study resources. The easy internet accessibility has further ensured that students get to access a sea of content across the 7 Websites. However, not every websites a student might visit would guarantee the accuracy of content and resources. 

In fact, students are bound to get confused due to a plethora of information on the internet. Sensing the very need to help students out, Toppr, a better learning app, has compiled a list of 7 websites that can be referred for the learning process.

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  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization, which also runs its own website. The academy’s main mission is to provide free and world-class education for anyone, in every part of the world. Khan Academy’s website is free for learners as well as teachers. It provides learning resources from kindergarten up to junior college. Maths, grammar, science, and history are some of the key subjects covered on the website. 

  1. phET

Founded by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman in 2002, the PhET Interactive Simulations project was initiated at the University of Colorado. This website provides free interactive simulations for maths and science. These modules are prepared after extensive research by experts. It promotes the concept of interactive learning by engaging students through a gamified environment. that also helps in inculcating the values of exploration and research among students. 

  1. National History of Museum Utah 

The Natural History Museum of Utah has created a ‘Research Quest’ for school students as well as their teachers. It aims at engaging and igniting students’ critical thinking skills in science, history, and other related subjects through a powerful series of online research. The content offered by the website is prepared by subject matter experts, university students as well as museum professionals.  

  1. ChemCollective 

Being a part of the National science digital library, ChemCollective provides research support to students as well as teachers to improve upon their chemistry education. It does with the use of interactive and engaging activities that are conducted online. The website covers even the basics of Chemistry from equilibrium to stoichiometry. The website has small videos that serve as a guide for students before starting their learning journey with ChemCollective. 

  1. VLAB – Govt of India

The Ministry of Education, Government of India set up VLAB, with an aim to foster scientific research among students and to provide remote access to simulation labs. It enables students to learn both basic and advanced concepts through remote experimentation and tickles their scientific curiosity. It also provides a complete Learning Management System to let students access various tools of learning such as video lectures, self-evaluation, and animated demonstrations. 

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  1. BBC History for Kids 

History as a subject arouses curiosity among the students and fosters interpretation skills. Hence, BBC History for Kids is a website that enables the students to undertake a journey back in time through games, quizzes, and fact sheets. It broadly covers topics related to ancient history, world history, and the histories of select countries. 

  1. OLabs 

Online Labs for Schools (OLabs) is another government of India-funded research website that aims to meet the virtual laboratory needs of students. The program is based on the idea that students can learn through lab experiments with the use of the internet effectively. The content for OLabs is aligned with the NCERT syllabus for classes 9 to 12 for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. It also covers English and Maths lessons from classes 9 and 10 through interactive simulations, lab videos, and animations.  

The above-mentioned 7 websites are known for their authentic study resources and have proved beneficial in the students’ academic progress. Their free accessibility makes it furthermore useful for students as well as teachers. 

Curated by Toppr, the better learning app for classes 5th to 12th is designed on the fundamental principle that each student is different and has different learning needs. Over 20+ million students across India are studying with Toppr and have practiced more than 900 million questions.

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