About Us

About EasyShiksha :

EasyShiksha is an endeavour of HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. Started in 2012 with an aim to explore the future of education. EasyShiksha provides an integrated platform for benefit of educational entities like students, faculty, universities and other educational institutes.EasyShiksha acts like an intermediary for these educational entities.

EasyShiksha provides different platforms for students to search , register and get certificates of different courses from different educational institutes along with calculated guidance for their careers from our experts.Also , it provides a platform for universities and other educational institutes to get in touch with students from all over the world.

EasyShiksha We strongly belive that education has to be beyond social and economical barriers.

Vision :

EasyShiksha will be a world leader in integration of teaching, learning and technology. In addition, we will strengthen our preeminent programs and encourage the development of specific new programs that present strategic opportunities for all.

Mission :

We are changing the future of education
Our mission is:

  • To develop future leaders, managers and entrepreneurs world-wide through:- World class online education, academic excellence, Technology, outstanding online teaching & service, freedom of thoughts and expressions regardless of income or social status
  • To provide Information about best Universities, Colleges and Institutes world-wide
  • To build a community of faculty members and students that is dedicated to realizing the vision of EasyShiksha. Institute has the zeal to design, create, and sustain courses and programs that enable the best practices of online education and benefit our associates be it students, faculty or partnered academic units.
  • To provide unique information that help students rate and compare Universities, Colleges and Institutes world-wide because not all are alike
  • To keep the education affordable, supportable, of high quality via the ‘open’ access by a combination of learning and industrial pathways. Thus allowing all parties to integrate the participants within their own and the wider communities

Our Uniqueness :

  • Online Certification: Get certified from world’s best Universities whenever, wherever you want.
  • Career Helper: Get to know about your skillset and your area of interest with the help of EasyShiksha Career Helper and our experienced career councellors.
  • More Choices: We list all accredited Universities, Colleges and Institutes.
  • Better Choices – We list best private elite colleges and large non-profit universities that you won’t find listed elsewhere online.
  • No listings or ads from unaccredited colleges or degree/diploma mills.
  • We pledge to protect students by fearlessly blowing the whistle on degree/diploma mills and education scams.