ACCA’s Employer Summit 2022 sheds light on the future of finance


The global body for professional accountants, ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) hosted its Employer Summit in India, recently.

The guest of honour, Nenad Pacek, Founder and President of Global Success Advisors GmbH and the MEA Business Group shared his thoughts on various megatrends in the global economy and global business landscape and their impact on the Indian market. He said: “The outlook for India is very good and most multinational corporations continue to treat India as an utmost priority for business development. Economic fundamentals are good and robust FX reserves will serve as a cushion since emerging markets are soon likely to experience significant portfolio outflows. It is good that the Indian central bank is waiting with interest rate hikes, since most inflationary pressures are generated by global trends, rather than domestic.”

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The summit featured an employer roundtable that showcased the recently launched online ACCA Career Navigator tool kit which has been designed to enable employers to plan their business and finance talent journey.

Lucia Real-Martin, Executive Director for MarketsACCA said, “In line with our public value agenda the summit enabled our key stakeholders to get an in-depth understanding into the changing economic landscape which will enable them to drive organisational growth and plan the talent journey. The session highlighted the wonderful new resource created by ACCA – Career Navigator which has a dedicated toolkit offering our employers insights into how they can leverage Career Navigator to attract and develop the talent they need, now and in the future!”

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Md Sajid Khan, Head of International Development at ACCA shared his insight by saying, “The summit successfully showcased ACCA’s commitment in supporting its partners by providing global thought leadership which can help them shape and drive their business strategy. At a time when organizations should structure themselves in a way that makes them fit, flatter, faster, and far better at unlocking considerable value, we at ACCA are committed to providing them with the right insights and support which gives them the competitive edge and advantage.”


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