BitMemoir Empowers Education Sector with Game-Changing Blockchain-Based Solutions on Polygon


Enters into MoU with Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean for Integration (AUALCPI) to Issue Verified Digital Credentials

6th May, 2023: BitMemoir, an NFT utility company by Beyond Imagination Technologies, is proud to announce the launch of its unique blockchain-based solutions on Polygon in the Latin American market. The company’s focus is to provide verified digital credentials for the educational field.

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BitMemoir provides a robust infrastructure, seamless integration capabilities, data protection measures, real-time issuance of verifiable digital certificates, and efficient bulk issuance. These features make BitMemoir a reliable and practical solution for educational institutions and students seeking a streamlined certificate issuance process.

With the growing popularity of verified digital certificates in the Latin American market, BitMemoir is offering a blockchain-based solution for verified digital certificates that can be directly transferred to university personnel wallets. The company has collaborated with institutions like the Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean for Integration (AUALCPI) to make this vision a reality. AUALCPI is an association of 87 universities, and under this collaboration, BitMemoir will be working with all the universities.

“We are excited to bring our blockchain-based solutions to the Latin American market,” said Nikhil Goyal, founder and CEO of Beyond Imagination Technologies and BitMemoir. “Our solutions will help universities provide their students with verified digital certificates that are secure and easily transferable. We believe that this collaboration with AUALCPI, an association of 87 universities, will help us create a more transparent and efficient educational ecosystem in the Latin American market. We are confident that this partnership will serve as a role model for others to follow.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the company has previously collaborated with Universidad Champagnat in the region.

Online Courses with Certification

BitMemoir is the ultimate blockchain-based platform, offering unique solutions on Polygon. With multiple significant use cases accessible through a single platform, such as digital certificates and credentials, NFTs as souvenirs, dynamic NFTs, and NFT-based loyalty programmes, BitMemoir is scaling rapidly and gaining worldwide traction with multiple users already

Additionally, with the integration of BitWallet, it is now easier than ever to create and store NFTs on the blockchain.

About BitMemoir

BitMemoir is an NFT utility company by Beyond Imagination Technologies that focuses on providing blockchain-based solutions for the educational field. The company offers verified digital credentials, digital ID cards, and secure document sharing on the blockchain. BitMemoir is committed to creating a more transparent and efficient educational ecosystem.

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