November 2022, New Delhi: With Delhi diving deep into the wedding season, with nary a bit to breathe, coming straight from the festive season; and there are decisions to be made all around!

The modern couple strives to give guests a unique experience over the course of their wedding celebrations, with multiple brides opting to go with a touch of western sensibilities over the course of their celebratory days.

From vying over picturesque venues, to debating the most creative dance move, every little detail is taken into account. The dinner menu is always vast, and multi -palate oriented to cater to the array of preferences of the guests abounding. The most discussed detail though, by far, on these occasions is the dessert menu. The question abounds, how does one keep things innovative, different, yet fitting in with traditions? 

And that’s where Frozen Fun swoops right in, or should we say, scoops right in 😉 Gelatos are a way of life in Italy, their country of origin, and are by far the most preferred dessert across age groups. Frozen Fun, with its wide array of the most dreamy flavours, including the popular salted caramel and belgian chocolate flavours, has an interesting take in traditional indian desserts – they churn out gelatos that are gulab jamun, rasgulla as well as the popular winter favourite, rasmalai flavour.

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The brain behind these innovative recipes is chef Davide Passarella, better known as Mr. Gelato. With a long history of bringing to life frozen delights, he partnered with the multi faceted and versatile Vasuki Punj to take these delectable desserts across the country. He says, “our gelatos are made for everyone, with authentic flavours flown in from across the world. The dairy free gelato options made with almond and oat milk are still as thick and creamy, the same consistency as all our other gelato offerings”. Adds Vasuki, who made the decision to partner with the chef, and bring the brand Frozen Fun to the forefront when she tasted the gelatos while on holiday, “wedding festivities have always inspired a holiday-ish mood, and what better to complement the colours of thematic decor and celebrations but with uniquely customised, yet memorable desserts”

While the hues and flavours of the gelatos add both an essential eye-catching as well as taste-bud popping enhancement to your special day, let’s not forget about how sorbets are the newest novel ingredients for cocktails and mocktails during those mehendi sundowners. Gone are the days of a stuffy GnT or a bloody mary; the colourful, berry based sorbets go with a bunch of spirits, and leave you feeling refreshed while one cools their heels in between dance thumkas and twirls. For the health conscious, there are always the frozen yogurts, which don’t compromise on taste either. And if you really want to get experimental, there are gelato cakes, not just the Frozen Fun special cheese-cake gelato cake, but the after-eight and hazelnut pistachio cakes are perfect for those with discerning tastes

With all this and more, we urge you to ditch the dreary, and add some fun to the season!

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About Frozen Fun

Formerly known as Cream Choc, Frozen Fun is a premium, artisanal dessert parlour serving authentic Italian gelato, along with sorbets, frozen yogurt and vegan and sugar free frozen desserts.  with standalone parlours at Select City Walk, Khan Market and Cyber Hub.

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