Camp K12, the global online school of the future, empowers students to become future-ready with TED-Ed Student talks

Camp K12
  • Camp K12 launches a new initiative wherein its young students get a chance to be TED speakers.
  • The initiative is a part of Camp K12’s new-age English program
  • Young speakers come from across the globe: India, the Middle East, South East Asia

New Delhi, 20th December 2021: Camp K12, an ed-tech start-up focused on building a global online school for 21st-century skills, gave a live public platform for young students aged 8 to 13 from across the globe to share their ideas with the world at TED-Ed Student Talks. Among thousands of students who owned the spotlight and expressed their views to the world, the top ten young speakers were featured on the official TED-Ed Student Talks channel. With this one-of-a-kind initiative, Camp K12 focuses on transforming the personalities of young students and nurturing the future thought leaders of the 21st century.

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The young speakers come from all parts of the globe, across India, the Middle East, and South-East Asia, and find their motivation to change the world with their thoughts through the TED-Ed Student talk. The initiative allows the students to express ideas on the topics closest to their hearts – from creativity, inspiration to love and brotherhood, and inspire another generation of young leaders.  It paces ahead in its journey to empower young learners with sharp eloquence and expression that are imperative to navigate personal and professional spaces in a world where personal branding and differentiated skills matter most.

Speaking on this initiative by the company, Anshul Bhagi, Founder, Camp K12, said, ​“I believe that the power to articulate is among the strongest skills a child can possess and can go a long way in their overall journey beyond their careers. I also feel that the best way for children to master new skills is to learn by doing. This is what propelled us to launch an English program that not only builds fluency and comfort in Grammar, Vocabulary, and English fundamentals but goes above and beyond to unlock each child’s creative potential and build empowerment through hands-on projects and global, real-world exposure. Camp K12 students build confidence in public speaking by articulating themselves in front of Live audiences, and they build confidence in writing by publishing a novel for the world to consume. More than English, our children learn that they are not too young to create, not too young to influence the world with their opinions, not too young to change the status quo. We have a strong vision to scale this program worldwide and shape the future of many more young learners.”

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Sharing his experience of becoming a TED Speaker, 11-year-old Kaden Pothan thanked his teachers at Camp K12 for taking his simple idea and turning it into an impactful speech. His mother, Lorna Pothan, sees a lot of confidence in Kaden and feels that the experience will help his public speaking in the future, which she calls a skill of a lifetime. Commenting on the journey of his 8-year-old daughter, Abhishek Sharma says, “Vaishnavi has become more confident and independent than ever.” Nayaz Ahmed, the father of Grade 4 student Aliya, credits the preparation stage for the TED-Ed Student Talks for helping his daughter learn many 21st century skills – from networking to creating friends.

Camp K12 recently launched its English Communication course, which covers fundamental skills such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Spelling, Creative Writing, and Public Speaking. Every child in the program gives TED-styled speeches to live audiences, writes and publishes a novel on Amazon and Kindle, participates in international debates, competes in spelling bees, and more.

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About Camp K12

Camp K12 is a global online school for 21st-century skills, teaching Coding, English, and other STEM topics to kids aged 5-18 via LIVE, interactive, gamified online sessions that work 10x better than the status quo.

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