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The life of a person in the event industry is extremely fast paced. They have to be able to seize every moment, be quick on their feet and be ready for a crisis at every turn. It is an exciting adventure from start to finish. From regular parties and one band concerts, events have evolved into elaborate sundowners and music festivals with multiple simultaneous performances. The evolution is not just in the entertainment sector. Events have become an integral part of the marketing strategies of corporates. Brands have evolved their general sales activities to experiential events to woo potential customers. On ground events have the capability of becoming a viral phenomenon and establish unique brand images. This has created the need for specialised event planners and professionals for corporates as well. While once an event planner would handle everything, now there are specific people for each of the aspects of events.

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Venue Managers are the people who understand the space of the events. They mostly own their own event spaces and know how to best utilize and transform a particular space for different kinds of events. For example, the requirements of a concert versus those of a conference are extremely different. Venue managers are the ones that make sure that the space is designed and set up according to the type of event in terms of interiors, stage set-ups, lighting, etc. They have to constantly keep themselves updated with the latest in technology to ensure the smooth functioning of an event. The venue manager is perhaps the most versatile job there is in the industry as he or she must be a jack of all trades and future ready to transform their spaces to whatever the event requires.

An Event Social Media Coordinator is now an integral job role of the events industry. With social media being the most important factor in marketing an event, a successful event needs the right kind of strategy on social media to attract the crowd. The coordinator understands the fast pace of social media and formulates strategies to ensure maximum visibility for an event across social media. It is important for someone in this position to understand the difference between various platforms as well as be updated on any new platforms that are trending. Marketing an event is quite different from marketing a brand. Thus, a specialized job profile like this has become important in the industry.

Artist Manager is another important job profile in the industry. Artist management is a major part of the successful hosting of an event. Not only does a manager have to source the talent, they have to make sure that the right kind of artist is approached for the right events. For example, an EDM artist would seem very out of place at a professional gala. The manager has to manage separate budgets to have the right kind of artists at the events. Additionally, different artists have different requirements. It is the job of the artist manager to make sure those requirements are met. In case of high-profile artists, the managers’ jobs are even harder because they also have to deal with and make space for the artists’ personal teams. It requires a lot of people skills and an ability to handle any kind of person they are expected to work with.

Event Videographers / Photographers are the one that makes the event come alive once it is complete. Event companies are constantly searching for new and exciting ways to showcase their events to the public and potential clients. Specialised videographers and photographers have become in high demand for event companies to do just that. People don’t want to take out time to pose for pictures. The era of candids has emerged and photographers and videographers need to have the knack of finding special moments and capturing them while they are happening as compared to staging them. It is important that they have an understanding of light and motion to capture moments without distracting the event’s flow.

In conclusion, an event is something like a painting that needs a lot of different colours and hues to make it perfect. Event Industry In such a scenario, people with different skill sets and personalities are essential to the making of a successful event. With every job function expanding into different specialized career options, the event industry is becoming a hotspot for job-seekers. As the industry grows and becomes more specialised, more and more job profiles will get created. Regardless of the role, what is common in the industry are jobs that are fast-paced and interesting.

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Mr. Mazhar Nadiadwala.jpegMr. Mazhar Nadiadwala, Managing Director, Dome Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Mazhar Nadiadwala is a part of the most renowned film industry family – The Nadiadwala’s. This family has served the Bollywood and entertainment industry for more than 60 years by providing viewers with films like Tajmahal, Haath ki Safai, Rafoo Chakkar, Yaarana and many more. Taking his lineage forward, Mazhar Nadiadwala ventured into film production and produced various films introducing new faces in the industry. He also held the title of the youngest producer in India for a while.

Post his stint in film production, he joined hands with Cineyug to take the company to newer heights. With Cineyug he adventured into television production, television coverage of live events, reality shows, corporate events and also sports related events expanding boundaries across various related fields.  

With an extensive experience of more than 20 years, Mazhar Nadiadwala added another feather into his portfolio venturing into the business of premium venues in the position of Managing Director of Dome India. With Dome, his vision is to give India an iconic venue of international recognition and creating new benchmarks through highly curated experiential events, making the venue a destination itself.

About Dome Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.:

Dome @NSCI SVP Stadium is India’s premier sports, leisure and entertainment destination which has over 50 activities taking place under one roof. The beautiful promenade where it resides was inaugurated at the end of the year 2012. There are many Indoor venues in Mumbai City, but none have more personality than the DOME. The Dome provides a spectacular experience to their audience, providing an opportunity to live each and every experience to the fullest. The Dome @NSCI SVP Stadium truly is a magnet, drawing both the best performing talent and the most passionate audience.

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