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Today’s generation of school going kids would be working on jobs that don’t exist today, solving problems that we don’t even know are problems yet and working on technologies that have not been invented yet. In such an uncertain yet exciting future, the most sought after skills would be Higher Order Thinking Skills, collaboration skills and the ability to use technology to solve problems- WizKlub.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
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WizKlub is an ed-tech startup to build Future Skills with their research-based programs for 6-16 year olds. All the programs are delivered on their AI-powered platform. WizKlub has two programs, Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) focussing on building cognitive excellence and Young Product Designer Program (YPDP) focussing on tech excellence. 

The HOTS Program offers children to master 36 different HOTS abilities including critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and creative thinking. It ensures that every child is a smart reader and an adept problem solver. These skills are the driving factor for new-age careers and most of the competitive exams are assessing students on these skills. The coursework includes engaging activities, drills and quizzes that they can practice and ace at their own pace. HOTS skills change a child’s trajectory, scaling it up from lower order learning through memorization to higher order learning involving analysis and reasoning. The program provides invaluable skills that help a child be more efficient, in thought, understanding and action. It makes them intelligent from a place of logic, enhancing their math aptitude, science aptitude and creative thinking, through our easy-to-follow proprietary online program.

The Young Product Designer Program (YPDP) enables children to experience a product designer’s journey by IoT Devices like Smart Light and Mobile Robots using the latest technologies. YDPD takes a kid through the journey of product designing that includes hardware, software, and design through an easy to use drag-and-drop block environment. Our Program exposes children to the latest technologies such as Conversational AI (Alexa), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The program builds lifelong skills and confidence of being a Tech Explorer and Creator for life!  

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WizKlub focuses on preparing a child holistically with building the underlying skills like logical, creative, critical thinking and a tech perspective that would empower them to create solutions to complex problems.

We can say that WizKlub’s key differentiation aspect is that they go into deep skilling the kid, who acquires the skill at a high proficiency level and not just acquiring knowledge. We ensure that the kid becomes highly skilled and have so far had 85% efficacy for the HOTS program and 95% for the Young Product Designers Program.

The start-up has progressed thousands of children through its programs with over 90% learning efficacy. Children love the engaging learning experience across online classes by certified trainers, personalized learning app and community of beautiful minds.   The company is on track to on-board 50,000+ children by the end of 2021. WizKlub has raised INR 15 crore from Incubate Fund India (Japan), Insitor Impact Asia Fund (Singapore) and renowned angels. 

We would continue to invest in our product and use the power of technology to drive engagement and learning efficacy. We aim to build a million thinking minds and establish WizKlub as the undisputed #1 player for early-years skill development for Future Careers.

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