Crosscope and KFBIO join forces to lead digital transformation for pathology in India and emerging markets


Mountain View, California, September 1O, 2021 ─ Crosscope, a leading AI software provider in digital pathology is collaborating with NINGBO KONFOONG BIO INFORMATION TECH CO.,LTD. (KFBIO) an innovative high-tech cutting edge Whole slide imaging pathology scanner manufacturer. Through this collaboration, Crosscope will ensure the wide range & state-of-the-art Whole Slide Imaging Digital Pathology scanners are made available to the Indian market and ensure this cutting-edge technology is available for the pathology community to enable digital transformation in the pathology  laboratories  in India & emerging markets.

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Today, Cancer is the dominant disease in India surpassing 1.39 million cases per year. Pathologists play a crucial role in the detection and diagnosis of a wide variety of cancers. The increasing number of cases has resulted in the increasing complexity of pathologists to diagnose the type of cancer. The digitization of the pathology workplace using scanners from KFBIO with the help of the pathologists to diagnose histopathology slides in a more efficient & accurate manner. With this collaboration, Crosscope will bring the state of art Whole slide Imaging scanners from KFBIO to India & emerging markets. Today, the digitization of clinical workflows is a key enabler for healthcare providers to ensure seamless and speedy diagnosis. By enabling transformation in histopathology, Crosscope aims to bring the advantages of digital tools and technology in an existing analog setting in the histopathology domain.

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Crosscope team will ensure seamless availability of KFBIO Whole Slide Imaging scanners with an integrated approach towards delivering support, training, and hand-holding to the healthcare providers in the region. “Pathology is on the cusp of digital transformation and Crosscope is very much dedicated to offer end-to-end digital pathology solutions to bridge gaps and usher in a new phase of personalized diagnostics. Crosscope is excited to team up with KFBIO to provide their scanners alongside our cutting-edge Al-software and collaboration platform to enable Oncopathology automation for our customers. Digitization of pathology is a key area for the use of Al-based diagnostic algorithms to speed up and improve the diagnosis making an impact in reducing India’s cancer burden” Said Dr. Jayend a Shinde, CEO Crosscope.

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Whole slide Imaging digital pathology scanners are  a  critical  component  of  comprehensive  and complex histopathology workflow. By bringing this innovation and cutting-edge technology for digitizing glass slides to high-resolution digital images will enable  a  true  transformation in  histopathology workflow. The wide range of capacities available in whole slide  imaging  scanners  from  KFBIO  will ensure that there is an appropriate fit of  digital  pathology  scanners  according  to the workload  of histopathology lab and healthcare provider “KFBIO and Crosscope both share a commitment to open a platform for digital pathology for leading the digital transformation of labs worldwide. With the given inflection point in India’s healthcare sector, our partnership is a commitment to supporting digital technologies to strengthen medical infrastructure for effective cancer care.  We  are  pleased  to  have found a partner in Crosscope with whom we are truly committed  in  transforming  Digital  Pathology  without Boundaries” said Mr.Kun Gui, Vice President, KFBIO.


KFBIO is a lead ing high-tech bio-information technology enterprise in China, which has built dozens of pathology teleconsultation platforms including several provincial centers nationwide, and its digital pathology products have covered nearly 1,000 hospitals nationwide. At the same time, KFBIO has actively applied artificial intelligence technology to promote product innovation and launched the development of more than 10 artificial intelligence-aided pathology diagnosis projects, including cervical fluid-based cytology, liver pathology, kidney pathology and breast pathology, in order to realize the intelligence of pathology-aided diagnosis systems.

About Crosscope Inc.

About Crosscope Inc. Crosscope; abbreviated for “Computational Microscope” is a  medical AI software company on a mission to radically transform patient  care by unlocking the power  of AI. The company’s Crosscope  Dx software is a digital pathology platform to facilitate deploying scalable Artificial Intelligence and Computational Pathology tools to empower pathology laboratories with precision diag nostics. Crosscope’s team of engineers, data scientists, and pathologists are developing a  unique  platform  and  AI  approach to delivering efficient pathology workflows for increased diagnostic accuracy and productivity.

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