D2L Conducts Roundtable on Student Engagement and Motivation in Technology-Enhanced Learning


New Delhi, Jan 2023: With more and more higher education institutions opting for technology-enhanced learning, a roundtable organized by D2L, a global learning company, brought together leaders and veterans in the education space. The visionaries, including chancellors and professors from reputed varsities in the country, discussed challenges, opportunities and the way forward. The topic of discussion was: “Unlocking Student Success: Navigating the Waters of Student Engagement & Motivation in Technology-Enhanced Learning.”

The exchange of ideas and conversation revolved around how important personalized learning paths are for institutions and students, how student engagement can be enhanced with learning management system (LMS) innovations, and how vital the role of collaboration between industry and academia.

Elliot Gowans, senior vice president, international at D2L, said, “The rise of generative AI has been a big trend of 2023, not just in education and ed-tech. I see this trend continuing in 2024 and having the potential to transform education in the coming years. Other trends we’ve seen this year have been the further adoption of competency- and outcomes-based learning. We’ve seen these educational models more in other countries, but they are now being adopted across India too. D2L and our D2L Brightspace platform can really help with this transformation. Another thing we see in India, and in other countries too, is variability in things like student learning styles and abilities, the tech savviness of instructors and faculty, and variability in access to technology and the internet. Ed-tech providers need to design and build their tools to support that variability we see in the real world. That’s our goal at D2L—to reach every learner and help our customers transform the way the world learns.

The speakers agreed that considering the current scenario of higher education in India, hybrid learning and tech-infused education systems can help maintain a balance. There was a mutual vote on the use of new innovative teaching pedagogies and innovative learning technology platforms.

Dr.Prem Das Maheshwari, regional director, South Asia at D2L Corporation said the modern pedagogy involves using a variety of assessment tools to help students learn better and faster. “We, as tech providers, can help higher education institutes in India reach the next level. D2L, as a tech provider, has aligned with the National Medical Commission (NMC) and medical education in the country. So, there is a shift toward the learning and teaching process about fields as traditional as medical education.”

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According to Elliot, while most markets are between the digitise and optimise phases, Singapore and Canada markets have reached higher stages. He brought it to the attention of speakers that even in the US and the UK, there are pockets where there is a lack of advanced learning.

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