Do you know the causes of migraine: Know from an expert!


Migraine is one of the most prevalent types of headaches reportedly affecting 213 million people in India in one year and 60% of cases of migraine are reported by women as per a study by Lancet. Dr. Nikunj Mittal, Consultant Neurosurgery, Manipal Hospitals, Ghaziabad tell us that, “The headache affects one side of the head and feels like a pulsing and throbbing pain. This pain can range from mild to severe and can be continuous as well as episodical. Migraine is difficult to bear as it is accompanied by many symptoms pre- and post-migraine.”

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Some of the common ones are:

  1. Nausea
  2. Dizziness
  3. Photosensitivity
  4. Sound sensitivity
  5. Chronic pain

Some of the reasons why this can occur are:

  1. A sudden change in weather, barometric pressure, polluted air, high-intensity physical activities, or unusual smells can cause a headache.
  2. Dehydration is a common factor that causes headaches. A lack of water and electrolytes in the body increases the risk of heat exhaustion and other illnesses. Along with a migraine headache, it also causes irritability and focus problems.
  3. Factors like taking caffeinated drinks, alcohol, going to high altitudes, or having an illness like diabetes can also cause dehydration and a migraine headache.
  4. Chronic stress for long hours can physically change the brain’s structure and function. Heightened levels of stress cause the brain to stay alert for long periods accompanied by anxiety and panic. This can cause a headache and other illnesses.
  5. Migraine is also hereditary, and the risk increases by 50% and more if one or both parents have it.
  6. Other diseases and accidents such as brain injury, stroke, and infections can have migraine as a symptom. These diseases cause abnormal brain activity which affects the nerve signals, and blood vessels in the brain.