Elevate your living space with these aesthetic ceiling fans


New Delhi, May 30, 2023: Looking to elevate the style and comfort of your interior spaces? Look no further than the power of fans. While often overlooked, fans play a crucial role in not only keeping us cool but also adding a touch of sophistication and functionality to our homes. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, minimalist look or a classic, elegant ambience, the right fan can transform your living space. Here’s a list of the fans that can bring a refreshing breeze of elegance to your interior.

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Usha Striker Series

Usha Striker series of fans is a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance that are designed with you in mind.

With a strong 12-pole 100% copper motor the Usha Striker fan provides High air Delivery, high speed, and durability. Its aerodynamic profile and wider tip blades operate Silently to give you absolute comfort, and its Goodbye Dust feature makes it dust and scratch resistant.  This series is not only powerful and stylish but also comes with a BEE star rating for energy savings.

Available in six distinct variants – Striker Galaxy, Striker Millennium, Super Striker, Striker Platinum, Striker Neo, Striker One – the series offers 20 colour options including Pearl White, Dark Brown, Smart Blue, Pearl Grey, Beige, Chocolate Grey, Grey Brown, Wooden with Golden trims, and Spanish Green. Usha Striker fans are priced at MRP 4100 onwards and come with 2 years warranty.

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Hindware Smart Appliances Fumi Ceiling Fan

The Fumi Ceiling Fan by Hindware Smart Appliances is a modern, high-performing fan that combines a sturdy evergreen design with energy efficiency. The ceiling fan is equipped with an efficient BLDC motor that consumes a mere 34 watts of energy, resulting in 60% less power consumption than ordinary fans, and offers a long run time on the inverter that too with zero humming sound even at 360 RPM.

Its 1200mm aerodynamic blades ensure widespread air circulation in all corners of the room, keeping the surroundings fresh and comfortable even during the hottest days. The remote operation makes this ceiling fan even more convenient for usage, it enables to control the fan speed from 1 to 5 and lets you switch to the Turbo speed mode when needed. For added ease the fan also has a sleep timer set up ranging from 1, 2, 4,6 to 8 hours. Additionally, it features two different modes for fresh and constant air circulation such as the Breeze mode – designed to simulate the natural outdoor breeze by creating a variable airflow pattern and the Reverse mode which allows the fan to change the direction of its blades, from clockwise to counter-clockwise rotation or vice versa. Not only this, but the fan also comes with a 3-year warranty on manufacturing defects and free installation.

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