EMBIBE Launches AI-powered Lab Experiments App: A Game-Changer for Students and Schools Across India


The app offers state of the art science lab infrastructure and over 350+ virtual science experiments, completely free of charge, to students from grades 9-12, nationwide. It caters to CBSE and all state board curriculums.

Bengaluru, June 08, 2023: EMBIBE, India’s foremost AI-powered learning outcomes platform, today unveiled a revolutionary solution for students and schools nationwide – EMBIBE Lab Experiments. This momentous launch represents a significant milestone in EMBIBE’s mission to democratise education for every student. With the introduction of this AI-based app, EMBIBE aims to redefine the landscape of practical Science education across the country.

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EMBIBE Lab Experiments, available free of charge, offers an interactive platform where students can engage virtually with a state-of-the-art Science lab and conduct over 350+ experiments covering Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These include all 243 experiments prescribed by CBSE, of which 113 complex experiments have been further broken down into 2 parts to facilitate ease of understanding. This inclusive platform ensures access for all students, regardless of geographical location or limited resources at their schools. Furthermore, the platform is NEP-aligned and is tailore11d to CBSE, NCERT and state board curriculums.

Statistics reveal that India has a staggering 2.7 lakh secondary schools spread across different states. However, only 53 percent of these schools have access to Science labs. Even among those with lab facilities, many face challenges such as nonfunctional equipment, leading to a learning gap for students. EMBIBE Lab Experiments is poised to bridge this gap by providing a reliable and accessible alternative for students, regardless of their school’s infrastructure. They can practise and learn on the app at any time of the day without any limitations thereby enabling students to develop crucial practical skills and scientific acumen.

By installing the app on their PCs/laptops, students can perfect science experiments aligned to the vision of experiential learning outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) and their curriculum at their own pace.

Announcing the launch of EMBIBE Lab Experiments, Ms Aditi Avasthi, Founder & CEO, EMBIBE, said, “EMBIBE Lab Experiments has the potential to overcome all limitations of physical laboratories, such as cost, accessibility and availability of equipment. It can truly democratise science education by reaching students across different regions and socio-economic backgrounds. By seamlessly integrating technology with education, we envision a future where students can explore and conduct virtual experiments from the comfort of their homes or classrooms. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead because this initiative has the potential to revolutionise the way science is taught and learned in India. I am confident that this will fuel India’s progress in the realms of science and technology like never before.”

One of the key highlights of EMBIBE Virtual Lab Experiments is its ability to link every experiment to real-life scenarios through 3D animated videos, enhancing students’ comprehension. Additionally, the app offers a DIY Experiment feature, allowing students to select materials and perform experiments in a 3D virtual lab environment, providing runtime instructions, dynamic observation, and inference tables. Furthermore, a gamified, data-generating laboratory simulation within the app enhances learning outcomes and motivation levels, complementing traditional teaching methods.

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In the next six months, EMBIBE Virtual Lab Experiments will see 350+ new experiments added to the app. The app will also be made available in Hindi and 10 major regional languages, further ensuring that any student’s language is not a barrier to learn. The EMBIBE Lab Experiments app can be downloaded from both Play Store and App Store.

EMBIBE is the world’s first AI-led edtech platform to deliver learning and life outcomes to students and empower teachers to be their best – built at the interplay of deep educational expertise, stunning content, design, AI and engineering. EMBIBE gives students access to the highest level of personalisation both in terms of relevant content delivery and getting the right guidance at the right time during their preparation. Teachers are enabled to teach every child 1:1 by the use of powerful algorithms and content libraries that will allow them to set individual homework for every child at the touch of a button. EMBIBE is a pioneer with 5 granted patents in the personalised education & learning outcomes delivery space.

The platform caters to all school boards, test prep and govt. job exams, covering more than 400 exams in English, Hindi & 10 major regional languages. EMBIBE’s impact & innovation have earned it numerous accolades including being recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Global Innovator in the education space, truly harnessing the power of AI to deliver student success. EMBIBE has also won the most prestigious internet awards including the Webby People’s Voice Award 2022, as “The Best Platform in Learning & Education”, and the Google Play Best Of Users’ Choice Award 2021, as “The Best App For Personal Growth”. EMBIBE also won the best AI Solution by Edtech Digest in 2021. To learn more about EMBIBE and its game-changing products

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