Entab Launches iSquare Experiential Learning App To Make Learning Interactive


New Delhi, September 29,2022 : Education technology firm Entab has launched experiential learning mobile application iSquare to make learning interactive for students. During Entab Experiential Learning Summit 2022 held in Delhi, the mobile application was launched by Father J A Carvalho, Director Principal of Father Agnel School in presence of more than 600 educators.

Speaking at the event Father Carvalho said, “Scientific development of a country is represented by the number of patents a country possesses.”

“It is easier to score 90 per cent marks but experiential learning helps in structural learning of a student and experiential learning is beyond mechanical skills and it is about questioning things around you makes a student an innovator,” Carvalho added.  

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Entab’s mobile applications complement their ERP systems by providing real time updates to parents on their children. The mobile application has features like fees depositing, generating report cards, assigning homework to students and uploading class notes among other features, the company said.

The mobile application is in line with the government’s New Education Policy 2020 which stresses on interactive learning and the app helps educators to easily impart education in innovative way by explaining topics by way of videos and infographics, Himanshu Singh Rialch, marketing head of the company said.

The application was received well by educators present at the summit as they hope that it will prove to be beneficial in imparting quality education to students by way of interactive study material created by Entab through iSquare application. 

For example, the application has various videos and infographics explaining scientific and mathematical concepts through graphics and videos, making learning fun for students. At the same time, technology adoption have made it easier for teachers to impart knowledge, said Seema Sharma, an educator present at the summit.

Entab’s business has witnessed an exponential growth after it launched mobile application and its business grew over three times during the pandemic.

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