Existential Crisis post Pandemic: New Age Problems

The major question for life is in danger

Sometimes the human life needs a break from their actual life to avoid existential crisis, and live a life of purpose, to know the value of what they are living, why they are living and a real breakthrough in the monotonous layers of earning, routines, family, fun, friends and everything altogether. If you get buzzing around with what is the meaning of these days, or in a broader sense meaning of life, it’s nothing wrong with you. As per data and growing concerns of society, the illogical patterns of thoughts, emotions and activities have grown for few centuries. Human life is not giving importance to life itself, and it seems to become hard enough to lead a wholesome and meaningful life!

Do you get the intensity of the situation!

Isn’t it crazy, that we don’t value our existence, or we cannot find anything worthy enough to hold on to?

Don’t you think it is the gravest of problem, as people are losing the will to sustain a healthy life? And on top of it, the Covid has aggravated the problems to infinity!

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Accordingly, it’s such a pathetic situation that we don’t care about what we are doing, the way we are harming the earth for instance is unaccountable, totally not bearable. All the empty lands which were once lush greenery has now shrunk to concrete jungles and shades of grey and black! And it is just a small variable to worry about, as per humans, but largely to our collective living. Even people end up digging the empty lands and it’s so heartbreaking to see all of it for just minimal luxury or something which can be managed without the thing or service too. Just look at the world around, several activities, being done are of no use or have no purpose. This adds to the burden of carrying life too. 

Do you think it is the guilt, we are finding it unbearable or something more of helplessness?

But whatever it is, must be addressed properly and authentically from the very roots to kick off an existential crisis

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
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When all these things are happening, eventually nature has to throw its cards too, that’s why pandemics, earthquakes, shortage of pure and clean air, water and other natural disasters show up. All of it, is our doing, our collective activities, none is to be individually blamed for the same. It may continue till every human realizes what it takes to live and survive on the earth, and it is feared that it may get very late.

Covid is a very familiar term now, as the world has seen some very dreary and difficult times, especially when the economy has been on an all-time low, with no transactions. Everything has pros and cons and on definite terms, even this does have. But the main two things which are affected by this could be,

  • Economic Imbalance 
  • Mental Imbalance 
  • Leading to Existential Crisis, identity also

Economically everyone has gone down since covid caused lockdown and when the whole country is locked, people can’t be expecting any sort of income or growth financially, hence resulting in a huge drop in income. And when a person does not get a regular source of income, it would be leading to a good amount of stress and causing tension and so on. 

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The main effects caused by covid, are extra usage of sanitisers, as we all freak out about the virus and tend to use the protective aid regularly.  Sanitisers usually have a good amount of harmful chemicals which aren’t safe to consume much but since we don’t have options we have to do. 

Obesity, again a very common problem that has been hunting humans for a decade. Due to the over advanced technological changes, humans are naturally and purposefully becoming lazy to a great extent. Now the good and upgraded advancements are expected to be operated with the same amount of skills and techniques which cannot be replaced by any manual handed work and also the regular old traditional methods do no get immediate results so the modern techniques and advancements are preferred in the current run. 

Now what next, steps to cope with EXISTENTIAL CRISIS

When people would be getting good and quick profits through modern techniques, why would they even think about doing some regular exercises? Almost all of us are running behind the money and ignoring the main aspect of our life which is health. 

Nothing could be attained without health, but many have forgotten this, and not just physical but psychological too which is quite depressing in itself. Due to covid all the parks, gyms and all the places where the physical fitness activities could be done were locked. So people didn’t have much of a choice other than performing at their own houses, but, if you do at home, I mean there are loads and loads of disturbances at home. In case if you are working out and your family member pops in all of a sudden, they would laugh maybe or you would end up because when you are at home, it’s home. 

And coming to another main aspect which is we can’t meet our friends or close ones, whom we use to see regularly. As for many of us when we are with our friends or close ones it’s a huge stress buster for us, we tend to forget all the unpleasant things happening and we just sit down lay our backs and chill and vibe. The vibes and aura created in those few moments, and with those few of our people are unmatchable which keeps us nostalgic in major parts of our life.  

So all of a sudden when you don’t get those vibes in real, mean physically but only through online, it would be disappointing after few days. The first few days we could be fine but every day the same online radiations would start hurting our eyes and our emotions as well.

And then coming to them over and over and excessive usage of internet and our gadgets. It’s almost a never-ending process of us using our gadgets, I mean the amount of time that we all were stuck to our phones and laptops during the lockdown is unmeasurable. Like literally, not even our parents were complaining much when we were using our phones and laptops during the lockdown, and honestly, I was quite surprised with such gestures, our parents themselves were stuck on phones so of course, they couldn’t say anything to us. 

But during the lockdown, many improvised their skillsets and few attained new ones too. Communication skills were build-up and were improved to a very good extent, many of the students started taking up internships which would help in building up a good strong resume. We all learned how to be with our parents, got to know their childhood stories and their experiences and many more. 

During this covid, we understood that the world of technology is quite boring and temporary but yet plays an important role in staying connected to our close ones and also drawing a line, that how much should be the usage of it. We should be learning more realistic things as that’s what is helping us to survive in the upcoming days of ours. 

We believe covid has got some amount of positivity in our lives, in fact from the regular lives, and showed us at least where we stand. All these happy and good things of Covid and pandemic is worth remembering rather than lamenting and worrying over. But the problem of Identity/Existential crisis is still prevalent, rather to a much larger extent now. 

Since everything has a solution, so would this grave issue must-have. It’s just finding a purpose, growing up to own certain responsibilities, so we know the direction of our actions in real, and thus can have prosperous and good vibes around.

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