Facebook mothers donate breast milk

breast milk

The newborn in this heart warming image was delivered by a Covid-19 positive mother at Aurangabad Civil Hospital. breast milk A health professional is seen connecting the baby and mother over a video call. The baby tested negative.

Throughout history, humans have displayed extraordinary acts of compassion and kindness at times of disaster. In recent times, the internet has propelled such acts by drawing instant attention, and emotions from across the world. In today’s current coronavirus situation, these emotions and their global reach have enabled us, not only to become more responsible towards every species, but also to discover the power of emotions that lie within ourselves. Lockdowns have provided time for each individual to act on these emotions than just appreciate the acts of others. However, amidst the masses, lie smaller groups of people, particularly women, who have greater barriers to express and act on their emotions in the way they want.

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Mothers across the world form such a group. Most, already know that a mother’s emotions are in abundance towards her child. However, mothers rarely talk about themselves crossing barriers and acting on her emotions, beyond the walls of her home. Recently, in Mumbai, a group of mothers donated breast milk to a newborn whose mother died during childbirth in Mumbai, during the lockdown. They took risks, they travelled, they took turns to feed the baby, driven by what can only be, the power of motherly love.

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These mothers are from Unimo, an online Facebook group, and network partner to Matra Technologies, a maternal health tech  start-up.

While we are aware of medical professionals and delivery staff taking extraordinary steps as part of their jobs to support our lives; such acts from mothers, even when not required by a job and without any compensation, deserve at least equal praise.

Unimo and Matra Technologies, an IIT-Bombay incubated start-up are now working on making pregnancy assistance available to mothers, virtually free of cost.

About the Company:

Unimo, Universe of Moms is an online facebook group of mothers founded by Neha Kanabar and connects nearly half a million mothers across the world.

Matra Technologies Private Limited, is a health tech startup focussed on reducing maternal health risks. Led by Harvard and Columbia University alums, Dr. Nandagopal Gopinathan and Saloni Mayekar; the company is developing naima, a mobile based artificial intelligence driven technology which helps reduce risks for pregnant women and new mothers.

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Naima, meaning new mother, is the world’s first AI driven pregnancy coaching platform, which persuades mothers to adopt clinically proven preventive health methods that help reduce pregnancy related risks.

For more information related to technology, visit: HawksCode and EasyShiksha


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