Father’s Day quotes from Sony SAB artists

Sony SAB

Yukti Kapoor (KarishmaSingh from Sony SAB  Maddam Sir)

“With shoots being stopped, I got the chance to come back to my hometown Jaipur and be with my family. From the past 4 years that I have been in Mumbai, I always had this wish to go home and stay a little longer, maybe a month or so and spend time with my father, talking and just being with him. So, during this time, we played a lot, spoke to each other, cracked a lot of jokes and laughed together. I really cherish every moment spent with him since childhood as he has played an important role in making me what I am today. My father has always taught me to take time before making any decision, do not rush into anything and I take this lesson with me throughout my life. When I told him that I will be playing the role of a cop in the show Maddam Sir, he got very excited and started sharing videos with me about how cops walk, talk and their mannerisms. He wanted me to give my best for this role and supported me at every step“ Sony SAB

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“Father’s Day is a time when we get the opportunity to make our fathers feel special for all that they do. So, I always make sure to send flowers and cake to him on this day. It just brings a little smile Sony SAB on their face and that is priceless for me. This year since I’ll be with him, I plan to bake a cake myself and I’m sure he will love this sweet gesture.” Sony SAB

Akshay Kelkar (Abhishek from Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi)

Sony SAB

My native place is Dapoli, in Maharashtra and it is my family’s favourite place. However, we don’t have anything to call ours there. Hence, I am working towards fulfilling my father’s dream of having a house and farms to call ours, in Dapoli. I don’t usually celebrate Father’s Day but I believe the day I am able to fulfil this dream of my father’s, that day will truly be a Father’s Day celebration for me. Sony SAB

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My dad has always been my support system, in every phase of my life. Now that we might start shooting soon, to ensure I get home cooked food daily, my dad has decided to stay with me in the rented apartment near the set. My dad cooks amazing food and I am glad that he will be close to me all the time. I have fond memories of the first time my father came on the set of Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi and I still remember he was extremely overwhelmed by the fact that his son is an actor.

He is a rickshaw driver and he was extremely happy and proud when I got a role in the show ‘Bhakharwadi’. My father always believed in me and my siblings and trusted us with whatever career choice we opted for. Even after all these years, he still drives a rickshaw and it’s his commitment and hard work that inspires me and makes me work harder every day. I am extremely proud to be his son.

Dev Joshi (Baalveer from Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns)

Sony SAB22222

My father has struggled a lot and is a self-made businessman. One of the many things that he has taught me is that ‘be happy in what you have.’ He has been determined in making me a good human being as he is always there to point my mistakes, no matter what time, place or surrounding. He has always stood beside me no matter what and he is happier than I am of my success in the industry. He travels a lot from Ahmedabad to Mumbai just to be with me on the set of Baalveer Returns and to bring that smile on my face.

The lockdown gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with my father as his factory was also shut and he was at home with us. It helped us enhance that father-son bond. We have made some really beautiful memories staying at home together during these days as my father would play tabla and me and my mom would sing and dance along. So, every moment with my father is beautiful and memorable.

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Although I can never match up to what my father has done for me, I still have this one goal that I want to achieve for him, I would love to give him a beautiful house, in Gujarat, with a garden and swings in it as my dad loves swings. While that dream might be a little far, it feels good to make him feel special by small gestures on Father’s Day. During the year, I usually observe what my father needs and on Father’s Day, I surprise him with that particular thing. I also never forget to make a hand-made card for him as that adds a personal touch to it.”

AkshitaMudgal (Gayatri from Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi)

Sony SAB

“My schedule while shooting for Bhakharwadi used to start veryearly and I would come home pretty late at night but my father would always wait for me to come back home and check on me. With such a demanding schedule, I didn’t have much time to spend with my family but with time off from shoot these past few months and staying at home has really helped me revive my bond with my father. We have the most interesting conversations be it about the entertainment industry or my show, Bhakharwadi. I still remember when I was a kid, I would wake up early in the morning just to say ‘Bye’ to my dad before he left for work and waited for him in the evening to return. This tradition has continued but the tables have turned now, with my dad waking up early to say bye to me before I leave for my shoot.”

“We can’t thank our dads enough for what they do for us throughout their life. However, I really wish to take him for a world tour someday and I am working towards that goal. Usually, I along with my brother and sister celebrate Father’s Day by planning a sweet surprisefor our dad– which is usuallya small gift to thank him for being such an amazing guiding figure for all of us. This year, I plan to bake a cake for him and organize a surprise to make him happy.”

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