Fleeca India Launches one of most advanced TPMS devices for heavy commercial vehicles

Fleeca India

Fleeca Kawach uses Radio Frequency signals to transmit real-time information about tyre pressure, alignment, and temperature

Jaipur, 08 February 2022: Fleeca India Private Limited, a Jaipur based start-up launched Fleeca Kawach, India’s first AI-driven smart truck tyre pressure monitoring system. This TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is a rim-mounted electronic system that monitors the rotational speed of the wheel along with other signals outside of the tyres. Without any signal boosters, this system alerts the driver within the 20 seconds of frequency about the air pressure and temperature in the heavy vehicle’s tyres. This system can be installed in tubeless and tube tyre and will not only increase the life of tyres, but will also improve road safety and the environment.

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Speaking at the launch, Mr. Tikam Jain, Founder & CEO, Fleeca India said, “It is after years of research and multiple trials that we are launching Kawach.  We are delighted to launch TPMS, which aligns with our objective of bringing innovation and excellence in the logistics industry. This system is applicable for Tube and Tubeless tyres and its unique design makes TPMS devices’ removal and fitment very easy. The devices are mounted on the rim and it directly gives drive axle protection from theft. As these devices are rechargeable and long-lasting, the data communication method used for TPMS is RF (Radio Frequency) which is faster than any available TPMS for these vehicle categories and it does not need any boosters to amplify the signals.” 

He further added, “We are constantly working towards bringing the cutting-edge technology closer to the logistics and fleet industries. This smart technology will enable drivers in monitoring tyres in crucial driving situations such as misalignment of the vehicle, under-inflation of one or more of the vehicle’s tyres, as the tyres are fitted with unique sensors so that the data is transmitted to the dashboard like a radio signal. Under-inflated tyres results in risky driving conditions, which may lead to accidents. The TPMS system offers real-time update to the driver via a graphic display, a basic low-pressure indicator on the dashboard, or a smartphone app.”

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“This will emphasize the relevance and advantages of smart tyres, as well as how it offers a breakthrough in exemplifying absolute control, ultimate safety, and exceptional performance. As a result of this, we are hoping to establish a strong brand connection and strengthen our position in the logistics industry. Fleeca’s Kawach represents our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and endurance,” he concluded. 

About Fleeca India Pvt. Ltd

Fleeca India Private Limited is a Jaipur based start-up founded in 2016 by Mr. Tikam Jain with objective to provides India’s best Tyre Management & Fleet Care services and logistics businesses and helping fleet owners to leverage the merits of advanced technology in making their businesses more manageable and profitable in the terms of efficiency and affordable Tyre Management services.

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Online Education Magazine in India, EasyShiksha Magazine

Currently Fleeca operates in 21 states with more than 1300+ Fleeca Centres and 100 Re-treading Centres as channel partners with more 200 staff members to enroute tyre maintenance for fleet owners to keep rolling smartly with grip of trust & safety on tough roads. With the strategic investment of 25 Crores from Bridgestone, Fleeca is also recognized by the Rajasthan government’s iStart initiative.  

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