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Monsoon is here in its full glory – a season that offers the most awaited respite from the scorching summer. The joy of relishing some snacks & savouries, getting drenched in the season’s first shower and taking in the scents of petrichor – this is truly awaited time by one and all.

As inviting as it is, Monsoon certainly comes with its set of banes. Heavy downpour, improper drainage systems and poor infrastructure are a dangerous concoction for the lesser cautious pedestrians and commuters. For those who venture out for the thrill of short road trips could also end-up encountering poor visibility, inefficiency of vehicle’s brakes which is can have hazardous outcomes – more so for 2-wheelers.

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A study highlights steep increase in the number of accidents during monsoons. According to Central Water Commission data the number of casualties due to road accidents reached as high as 1,07,487 across India between 1953 to 2017, due to heavy rains and floods.

While accidents come unannounced, the best one can do is to exercise utmost caution while driving/riding or even as a pedestrian. An accident certainly can cause vehicular damage and serious physical injury or even a fatality, so let’s also for a moment focus on the financial stresses that arises from such occurrences. Insuring one’s vehicle (also mandated by law) is a certain safety contingency for the expenses to rectify vehicle damage or replacement, nut equally if not more important is to enrol with a Comprehensive Personal Accident Cover that addresses expenses arising out of medical treatment for accidental injuries.

Here are some key aspects to be mindful of in Monsoons:

  • Issues like low visibility and bad road conditions are the main reasons for accidents. It’s often difficult to gauge traffic approaching from the opposite side in such conditions – in this scenario it is recommended to wear anti-glare glasses & keep headlights at low-beam.

  • Waterlogging makes potholes and uneven roads invisible, making on-road travelling – be it walking, driving or riding risky. Driving carefully avoiding water logged potholes is important.

  • Lack of reflectors and speed breakers on some stretches not highlighted appropriately with white paint can also pose dangers. This can often result in confusions for drivers, leading to run-overs or skids. Be alert & careful of these.

  • It’s advisable to have vehicle inspected especially the braking & clutch mechanism. One must also check if the tyres of the car are worn out and have them replaced for a better grip on road.

  • No matter how cautious we try to be there is always a chance of a sudden mishap that could lead to financially-draining injuries & health issues. A proactive step to immune oneself from such financial risks is strongly advisable. One must look at taking a Personal Accident Cover that covers medical expenses towards burns, fractures and other fatalities. And furthermore, also offer benefits like Compensation for Accidental Death & Child Education Cover. Religare Health Insurance’s product – Secure is one such product.

It is pertinent to note that a Personal Accident Cover not only addresses your financial expenses to treat injuries inflicted during a road accident, but from any other nature of accident as well.

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Mr. Anuj Gulati

Mr. Anuj Gulati,

MD and CEO, Religare Health Insurance

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