How an MGB can pave the way for a global career

By: Dr Veena Jadhav, Associate Dean (MGB),  Associate Prof. (Leadership & HRM), S P Jain School of Global Management

The world of work and workplaces have transformed, partly due to the post-pandemic disruptions and the rapid rise of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, more recently Generative AI. Organizations are grappling to solve business issues triggered by geo-political developments, dynamic economic and market conditions, and rising global career competition due to the digital economy. On the other hand, consumers are more discerning about Ethics, Social and Governance frameworks, and are demanding responsive and sustainable behaviour by firms and seeking innovative products and services at lower prices. 

In order to survive and thrive in these turbulent times, organisations are leveraging on innovative business models to re-imagine their business strategies to enhance their global footprint. To translate their global vision into reality, firms are investing in creating a global talent community to proactively respond to external disruptions while retaining their unique corporate cultures. 

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The pandemic has also accelerated the growth and adoption of Future of Work (FOW) resulting in rise of unique employment and talent models. The traditional workplaces of past decades have been fast replaced with newer models such as Work from Home, Hybrid Workplaces and Work from Anywhere. The convergence of three mega disruptions – technology, business model and global demographic disruptions, have further accelerated the adoption of Future of Work practices, the collective impact of these disruptions can be seen on the nature of Global mobility and Global careers.  

Most B-School graduates aspire for Global mobility and Global careers, the reasons could range from global mindset and worldview, exposure to new business and cultures, accelerated career growth and return on investment. Traditionally, global careers were limited to few employees in multinational firms, but in current digital era, many ‘born digital’ firms are embracing Future of Work practices and are offering global careers to their employees. While there are greater number of global roles, B-School graduates face even greater competition as they aspire to succeed in global careers. This amplifies the need for investing in acquiring and demonstrating a global mindset that distinguishes graduates in a highly competitive talent landscape. In order to be successful in international and global careers, firms are looking for graduates that demonstrate the right mindset, knowledge and skills to perform and excel in a diverse work setting.  

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So how does one go about acquiring global mindset and professional skills? The traditional approach was to gradually acquire these skills through self-learning and reflection, mentorship and short assignments that provided exposure to international context. While effective, the traditional approach is time and resource intensive, and the outcome is gradual and at times, uncertain. SP Jain’s Master of Global Business (MGB) program is designed to overcome most of these limitations and equips MBA graduates for global careers. 

The Master of Global Business trains students to appreciate and adapt to different business environments, cultures and markets, preparing them for a lifetime of decision-making and leadership. The program’s new enhanced curriculum is designed to impart the cutting-edge skills of a ‘consultant’ to help students fast-track their career growth in a challenging environment. During the 16-month full-time postgraduate program, students undergo an accelerated transformative experience that shapes their business acumen, personal leadership and global adaptability through six distinctive program elements: 

  • Multi-campus, immersive learning experience whereby MGB students pursue four months of academic study at each of our campuses in Singapore, Sydney and Dubai. Each city is a regional hub, offering students many opportunities to experience diverse cultures, study international business practices, network with business leaders and conduct real-time industry projects.
  • Curriculum focused on Business, technology and data Literacy ensures that MGB students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills through engaged learning with faculties using a wide variety of teaching tools. The MGB classes often witness a fusion of technology, innovation and global business, resulting in an impactful and real-world learning experience. Most units are taught by highly effective academic and practice faculties with global and international experience.  
  • Global Immersion Projects enable MGB students to gain in-depth understating of emerging business issues and trends in different business regions such as Asia, Middle East and Australia. These projects are directed towards creating a higher degree of exposure to the corporate environment and enhancing the employability and corporate readiness of students. 
  • Global and Social Learning activities are at the heart of the multi-campus learning experience of MGB students. These activities push students to go beyond their comfort zones and explore different regions with an open mindset of appreciating and embracing diversity in business, social and cultural setting.  
  • Professional Readiness Program ensures that students are equipped with career and professional skills that are essential at their future workplaces. This rigorous program builds of one-to-one and small group professional and career development activities using technology tools and coaching advise. 
  • Internship forms the capstone experience for students to gain practical experience with leading firms across different geographies. The internship component offers students with little or no experience the chance to address their skills gap, supplement academic accomplishments with practical experiences, make meaningful contributions to companies, build strong professional contacts and explore full-time career opportunities. These international internships are linked to area of specialisations and form a steppingstone to a global career.

Through these six distinctive strategies, MGB graduates continue to embark on successful global careers.

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