How To Safeguard Yourself From The Unscrupulous Immigration

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With the advent of globalization and the technology taking over, everyone dreams of travelling abroad and even plans to settle down and live a luxurious life. It sounds so good to the ears, but, nothing comes easy in this world. So, here are some useful tips provided to make your immigration experience a cake walk by Mr. Ajay Sharma, President of Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. which has been offering outstanding immigration consultancy services for the past 24 years.

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  • How to choose the right immigration consultant?

Travelling and settling abroad has been the ultimate desire for a major part of the population. So, hiring a consultant to make this process convenient has also become really popular. But, as it is said everything that glitters is not gold, likewise, not all the consultants are worth your time and money. Following pointers should be kept in mind while choosing the right Immigration consultant who would turn your dream into a reality.


  • So-called connections don’t work

Be very careful if someone claims to have connections or special influence with any government official or agency.  These people are outright frauds. Immigration applications are decided based on merits of the case and not on the grounds of connections that these consultants carry with a consulate or a visa officer.

  • Finding a registered Immigration consultant is easy

Whether you go to Australia, Canada, UK, and New Zealand or for that matter any destination, only opt for registered Immigration consultants. Go to the website of the company/firm whose services you are planning to hire because only a registered consultant can get you a legal and fully documented visa. Your antenna should immediately go up if a particular website does not carry the name and registration number of the accredited agent working with them. You must insist on seeking such details. Also ensure that the service agreement that you sign carries the name of the agent and his/her registration number.

Always sign a written service agreement and take a valid fee receipt from the Immigration consultant whose services you are hiring. Never make the payment for the Visa consultation fee without the agreement that does not define the scope of services and the conditions for refund in case the visa does not get approved. You should be extremely careful and must always avoid becoming a victim of such a situation.

Another thing that should be taken care of is the mode of payment. NEVER make the payment to the consultant in cash.

immigration, Consultant

  • If you hire an immigration consultant, make sure they are practicing legally

Another very important aspect in this whole process is the legal status of your consultant. If an immigration consultant is assisting you with your case, make sure they are registered to do so. To verify that the registration number is valid and has not been revoked or suspended, you must check the website of the relevant regulatory body. Checking the legal status of your consultant is extremely important because if he is not an authorized consultant the whole immigration process will be termed as illegal.

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