How to make Education Interesting and Fun Again

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Education is not just a medium to gain theoretical knowledge. It has changed it self but still we are using same old methods to educate students. This need to evolve too. Education must focus now on bringing knowledge with some practical activity. It is like just back when we were kids. We used to gain knowledge from practical things and game. Todays system need this up gradation. The kindergarten system need to be bring back again.

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Technology and digital medium are best choice of making education more interactive. It opens many doors of opportunity for students. This upcoming is era of digital world. Now our 80% of life revolve around technology. Also more than 60% work can not be done without digital technology. We need to make generation that is ready for this. They should be independent of others and should know how to make way to better future.

Games are not Old School

No matter what age of students are, they are always into it. When we integrate the education or learning lessons with the games it becomes more interesting than before. Now lets think of what they get from it. When playing games they are learning new things. Their mind is adapting the game but they will never knew of it. Games are big help when it comes to evolving your mind. Institutes and schools can use different game for different subjects.

Connect Education with Life

When a teacher teaches their students they should use life examples. If students think that what they are learning is not related to their life they will not show interest into it. Students need to care about what they are learning and why. This is how the system should work. A Focused and life oriented life system is what we should be building now. That time is gone when student just used to study because they had to.

Help of Technology

Students are now very much attracted to the technology. When these students are taught with the help of the what they like then they take more interest. Books are not enough as the technology and industries are evolving. Students need have some ouch on these technology. We are currently into a industrial market and students are preparing themselves for that. If they don’t any experience of what world is working on how they could be prepared for it.

Let Students Make Their Own Class

Students are also like little teachers. They have their own strength. If you look closely to your students you will find out that they are like experts in some chapters or subjects. This brought up a situation of when they can play role of teacher some time. They can teach that particular chapter or subject sometime. Also for extra if some students share same hobby they can be teacher of each other.

Touch of a Field

Just like touch of technology a student need to have experience of field. Like in under graduation or post graduation we need to make changes in higher education too. Let them have some visits of industries. When they see what they are studying they will get inspired. Then they will have better understanding of what stream should their choose as their future. Practical work gives a lot different and better experience to a student.

Its Their Choice

In KG or middle school students were given choice of what they want to learn today. This is another thing that we should bring in higher education too. It feels good when you teach them what they want to be taught. Make a chose board for them. Give them those option that you want to cover but let them have chance to select it. It is a way of differentiate learning. Make different choices for different type of students. Make some group and let them share their knowledge with each other. When they show some progress mix them up with other students.

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