Teacher Leadership: Leaders of Development and Innovation


This current time is era of changing. Education is not untouched with it. Education is also evolving and with this it have changed its definition by a lot. Education is now focusing on not only educating students but also making them a better social entity. They are developing them better for society too. Making a human with skill to be in industry and society is now new goals education have in its definition. These goals are also focusing on improvement. But not in achieving, now it is into sustaining it. For this Teacher Leadership comes into the place.

What is Teacher Leadership?

Teacher Leadership is not like choosing a class representative. Teacher leader is like a leader who play its role outside the class too. They will not only lead the class but other teachers too. This will be leader of development and innovation into the education system of that institute. The message that teacher leadership is giving is making a better, innovative and improved learning focusing on the classroom while leading other too. This is premised on the principle of professional development, growth and collaboration.

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Teacher Leadership have main focus on 3 main regions of activity:

  • Leading other teachers through coaching, mentoring and leading working groups.

  • Leading all the development tasks to make a learning system centered to improve learning and teaching.

  • Leading all pedagogy through the development and modeling an effective way of teaching.

Who is a Teacher Leader?

Basically a teacher leader a person who have strong hold with the class and is either mentoring other teachers or leading institute in different programs. It is like a superhero who is usually connected with the classroom but whenever a leader is required to sustain innovation and development, they showed up. These leaders usually support and guide other teachers with new teaching methods. After applying those methods they make some constructive feedback, this feedback is backbone of the new development and innovation.

Why we need this?

Teacher Leadership leaves a positive impact on the teachers and students. This is no wonder it have shown good progress into students and fellow teachers. It have enhanced chances of improvement into classrooms and school. It have positive effect on the teachers efficacy and morals. Teachers working in the team like this feel good value for themselves and they remain in the profession for long time. Their dedication and responsibilities toward the students also get improved and moralized.

Research has consistently underlined the contribution of strong collegial relationships to school improvement and change. Collaboration is at the heart of teacher leadership, as it is premised upon change that is undertaken collectively. For teacher leadership to be most effective it has to encompass mutual trust, support and enquiry. Evidence suggests that it is difficult for teachers to create and sustain the conditions for improved pupil learning if those conditions do not exist for their own learning (Silns and Mulford, 2002). Where teacher share good practice and learn together the possibility of securing better quality teaching is increased.” –Alma Harris (Professor of School Leadership at the Institute of Education, University of Warwick) and Dr. Daniel Mujis (Lecturer in Quantitative Research Methods at Warwick Institute of Education).

Developing Teacher Leadership

What standing between Teacher Leadership skill is Top-Down Leadership model. Schools might choose leader from the higher management who have access to all the teacher but this is not we are talking here. Teacher Leadership require a person with leadership skill. Leader must be teachers who have influence on the other teacher. Also Higher authority will also make another leader who will play ‘Leader of Leader’. This chain of leader to leader will make good impression and Trust between leaders.

To generate and sustain teacher leadership will require:

  • Empowerment and encouragement of teachers to become leaders and to provide opportunities for teachers develop their leadership skills;

  • Time to be set aside for teachers leadership work, including time for professional development and collaborative work, planning together, building teacher networks, and visiting classrooms;

  • Opportunities for continuous professional development that focuses not just on the development of teachers’ skills and knowledge but on aspects specific to their leadership role, such as leading groups and workshops, collaborative work, mentoring, teaching adults and action research.

Idea have a strong belief that it will bring collegial norms into the institutes and this will be the reason of development, effectiveness and improvement. It helps teachers getting recognition for the work of leadership they are doing for the school and students. Also, teacher leadership in influencing the effectiveness of the teaching system and professional relationships. Teacher Leadership is like a new professionalism that is based on trust, recognition, empowerment and support. This suggests that teachers should work in collaboration and team to improve the learning experiences of the students.

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