India’s Rapidly growing edtech brand Infinity Learn introduces ‘Infinity Learn Festival’


An inclusive initiative that brings accessible learning at affordable pricing

New Delhi, 04 June 2022: Education of good quality must become accessible to all, be affordable and  should lead to a positive transformation in an individual’s outlook, societal cohesion and inclusivity. With  its first year of operations completed, the Rapidly Growing EdTech brand Infinity Learn (backed by Asia’s  Largest Education Group), now extends the opportunity to get good learning to more learners and with  an affordable pricing. Learners will not only get a chance to experience the accessibility and affordability,  they can now explore the platform with the ‘Infinity Learn Festival’ at just Rs 249 starting July 04, 2022;  even before committing to pay for courses and learn. 

The ‘Infinity Learn Festival’ (valid till July 30th, 2022) aims to augment its pre-existing portfolio of Infinity  Learn offerings by expanding the festival on a bigger scale. This festival captures this liveliness by going  the extra mile to ensure a holistic learning experience. The Infinity Learn Festival will not only include self learning but will also cover a variety of live courses, available for a limited period at the lowest prices ever.  With the idea of catering to a large group of learners, the festival celebrates the love of learning, keeping  the curiosity alive, and Infinity Learn’s unwavering commitment to redefining the way students learn by  blending world-class content with hi-tech solutions.

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Ujjwal Singh, CEO and President of Infinity Learn, said, “Infinity Learn works on the principle of  delivering the right teaching at the right time to all its learners. All learning needs are unique, and  we do everything to ensure that they are met. We ensure our infrastructure process helps our  teachers at imparting good teaching and learning which our learners appreciate. With Infinity  Learn Festival, we aim at bringing inclusivity to those learners who do not have accessibility of  learning at affordable pricing. This is a chance for them to explore our platform and experience  loveable teaching.” 

About Infinity Learn 

Infinity Learn is one of the rapidly growing EdTech companies in India. Led by people with the purpose to  become global leaders in the digital learning arena has achieved one million-plus registered users and  300K+ paid users on the platform in a span of 8 months since our commercial launch. We have solved  over 100K+ doubts so far through our Doubts 24X7 App (with under 5 mins turnaround time). We also  have over 10 million + questions attempted by learners on our platform so far and robust 500K+ questions  in our question bank with over 300K+ solutions (including vernacular content being created in-house),  making us one of the few companies in India today claiming the content leadership. ‘The New age Tech  for the new age learner’ aspires to be one of the top 5 Edtech brands in India in the coming years.

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Infinity Learn, very recently earned a ‘Great Place to Work Certification™’. The prestigious award is based  entirely on what the employees said about their experience working at Infinity Learn and making the  company as the youngest K12 edtech brand to win such an honour. 

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