International Human Solidarity Day


International Human Solidarity Day (IHSD) Day, celebrated on December 20, is the annual international day of the United Nations and its member states presented by the General Assembly during the 2005 World Summit. It was established on December 22, 2005, by resolution 60/209. Its main purpose is to recognize the values ​​of the world’s poor by making their countries aware of poverty reduction and making their own forms of opposition as signed by the independent states. HSD is part of the World Solidarity Fund and the United Nations Development Program which focuses on achieving goals set to eradicate global poverty.

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International Human Solidarity Day was established under the auspices of the UN Millennium Declaration which defines modern and political rights by establishing foreign relations with member states. and proclaimed World Unity Day. HSD is held annually on December 20 to promote the importance of sharing and a culture of unity in the fight against poverty and to encourage governments, NGOs, and almost everyone to plan programs and debates at the national or international level to alleviate poverty by reducing awareness. One can participate or celebrate this day by donating education or helping the poor. This day is also celebrated for helping people who have been socially or psychologically challenged. However, governments are expected to address poverty and other social ills through the Sustainable Development Goals, which are designed to help a better future for all.       


On December 20, 2002, the UN General Assembly established the World Solidarity Fund. The Fund was established in February 2003 as a trust fund for the United Nations Development Program. Its purpose is to eradicate poverty. It is also used to promote social and social development in developing countries, especially among the poorest parts of their population.

On December 22, 2005, the UN General Assembly declared unity as a global issue. This unity must be the basis of human relations in the twenty-first century. Accordingly, the UN declared December 20 each year World Unity Day. The day is a celebration to commemorate the establishment of the Global Fund for Unity.

How to observe this day

On International Human Solidarity Day, the UN is promoting new efforts to eradicate poverty. The day serves as a reminder for governments to honor their commitment to international agreements. Events are held around the world to promote the importance of unity. These events include presentations, seminars, seminars and circular discussions.

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According to the United Nations Millennium Declaration, global challenges such as growing inequality, poverty, and climate change must be managed in a way that will equally expense costs and burdens in terms of social justice. The poorest or most disadvantaged people deserve the help of the biggest beneficiaries to ensure that globalization has a positive impact on all. To achieve this, building international unity is essential. Therefore, by resolution 60/209, the UN General Assembly, during the 2005 World Summit, declared December 20 the International Day of Unity.

World Solidarity fund

Since the founding of the UN, the idea of ​​unity in promoting international peace and security, human rights, and social and economic development has been the hallmark of humanitarian action. It is in this spirit that in 2003, the United Nations launched the World Solidarity Fund under UNEP to eradicate poverty by all means and to promote human and social development in developing countries.

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