Internshala Trainings launches French Language Training to encourage Indian students to learn the most popular foreign language


Internshala Trainings, the trainings arm of Internshala, has launched its first ever language training – French language training. The beginner level training will help the learners to read, write, and converse in French. The major highlight of the training is the ‘in-built speech recognition engine’ which helps the learners practise their pronunciation. In this, the learners would be able to see a French word or phrase, its phonetic, and its audio pronunciation on the screen. After going through these, the learners will be able to record themselves speaking the word/phrase via the microphone and check if their pronunciation is correct or not.

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French Language Training Courses by Internsala

The 6-weeks long training features scenario-based learning where interactions between characters in different day-to-day settings would help learners understand the language in a better manner. The training covers 15 basic topics of French in 4 different modules which include an introduction to French language, learning how to introduce oneself and other people, learning to conduct basic conversations in outdoor settings like while dining or shopping, and learning to make other day-to-day conversations like talking about renting a place, getting a job, or planning an outing in French.

Additionally, to make learning fun and simpler, the training is packed with engaging quizzes and multiple exercises such as fill in the blanks, arrange in order, MCQs, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and match the following.

The training is created by a French language expert, Rachna Sachdev, who has been learning and practising French for over 10 years. She finds the French culture fascinating and emphasises that French is an interesting language to explore and opens up various career opportunities for the Indian students in both India as well as abroad.

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On the launch of the French training, the Founder and CEO of Internshala, Sarvesh Agrawal said, “From the past 5 years, we are thriving to skill Indian students for the professional world through Internshala Trainings. All the trainings that we offer are beginner-level trainings to provide students with an opportunity to explore and learn new skills without having any previous knowledge of the subject. So far, our trainings taught most sought-after skills in engineering and management fields, and with the launch of French language training, we are stepping into new waters to bring out exciting trainings which are both fun to learn and add to students’ career journey in newer domains.”

He further added, “French is one of the most popular foreign languages to learn among today’s generation. While it is a fascinating new skill to learn, adding this language to one’s resume could benefit them both academically and professionally. It could help students who are aspiring to pursue higher education in French universities and can certainly catalyse the job searching process in France for them irrespective of their career domains. ”

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Started in 2015, Internshala Trainings is the learning hand of Internshala and offers various trainings created by experts in 19 in-demand skills including ethical hacking, programming with python, internet of things, data science, digital marketing, financial modelling, creative writing, and so on. The training platform aims to empower students by skilling them as per the industry standards as well as encourage them to explore new horizons through beginner level trainings in popular categories.

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