Interview with Dr. Gary Stockport, Dean – Executive MBA – SP Jain School of Global Management


Dr. Gary Stockport Has the pandemic impacted the outlook towards current employees and their executive management skills?

Covid-19 has provided time for persons to stand back, reflect and think about their professional development. This has culminated in many cases, in taking the strategic career decision to study for an Executive MBA (EMBA), including bringing forward study plans.

How did you gauge the need to introduce Executive MBA for working professionals?

EMBA has been offered for many years. By far the biggest innovative development recently has been the growing demand for online (Engaged Learning Online) which closely mimics the students’ on-campus experience.

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Your EMBA Program has global recognition. What are the USPs of the program at SP Jain School of Global Management?

There are several USPs which include the newly designed world-class curriculum; fantastic real-world practical Faculty; the thorough selection process of students; and the career acceleration outcomes of the students and Alumni.

We have noticed that working professionals find it tough to engage in an EMBA program. What would you like to tell those that plan to opt for such a course?

I don’t agree. The EMBA is scheduled so that there are no or very limited clashes with work. Furthermore, that students can effectively juggle between work, home and study.

Any suggestions for aspirants preparing to appear for MBA Entrance Exams this year?

All candidates must undertake an Entrance Exam. The School provides help and support in this regard i.e. provides mock test papers to help persons to prepare as many students have been out of ‘school’ for many years.

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How can the current challenges faced by professionals in their journey be overcome through the EMBA course?

Doing an EMBA is a generalist and holistic journey in professional development. It helps part-time students, who are working professionals, tackle managerial problems from multiple perspectives e.g. Accounting, Finance, Marketing, HRM and Strategy, etc. It builds well-rounded general managers and leaders.

The EMBA course provides global learning. What should a working professional expect out of this course?

Working professionals can expect a transformational experience where they can grow beyond recognition from when they began their studies.

What are the top three-four concepts covered in the EMBA course that will help the professionals become more industry-ready and improve their performance?

The top 3 things include the ability: 1. to think strategically; 2. to create ongoing value for their employer throughout their career; 3. to disrupt and re-create their organization’s business model rather than to just manage the status quo.

Dr. Gary Stockport is Dean EMBA and Professor Strategy at SP Jain School of Global Management. He has lived and worked in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and latterly the UAE.

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