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Besides being a land of diverse cultures, India is also home to some supremely talented people who have achieved popularity through social media platforms. In fact, some Indian names like Mastanama, Bhuvan Bam and a few others have become global sensation purely based on their talent. To embolden more people to claim their fame and inch closer to their dreams, Likee had launched #Likeedreams initiative. Likee is a global pioneering short video creation platform by Singapore based BIGO Technology and was launched in 2017. With its #Likeedreams initiative, the platform has discovered highly ambitious creators who are on a mission to make a social impact. Let us look into some stories powered by #Likeedreams that have found a special place in our hearts.


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See the beauty within with Anmol Rodriguez

Anmol endured an acid attack by her father at the tender age of 2 months. Life, in general, became hard for Anmol, and she had to go through various surgeries to suppress the impact of acid on her body. She had lost an eye and continues to live her life with a disfigured face. However, the effect of the trauma was much deeply felt by Anmol when the children of her age did not mingle with her. Throughout her life, many people kept at bay from her as she didn’t meet the “beauty standards” as per the society. With the guidance, love and affection from one of her teachers – Kiran Gandhi, Anmol’s perspective towards herself and life in general changed completely. Her pain had lost its power on her, and her focus was reset to achieve her dream of becoming a model and to uplift others with positivity. As a part of #Likeedreams initiative, Anmol feels more empowered in reaching out to the youth of India via dynamic videos. 

Access to fitness regime with Vipin Yadav

Mr Vipin Yadav, former Mr North India and a renowned fitness influencer is on a mission to build 50 rustic gyms with free facilities in remote areas of India. Under #Likeedreams initiative by Likee, Vipin has been creating and sharing motivational videos to amplify his engagement with the youth of India and spread awareness about fitness, his mission and his inspiring journey from being a boy-next-door to a fitness influencer, backed with many achievements. More than 1.8 million Likeers are following and engaging with Vipin on the platform to gain fitness-related knowledge. Vipin’s hard-earned success is no less than a fairytale. Vipin’s dream was to become a famous bodybuilder, but due to his humble background, he could never access any fitness trainer or join a traditional gym. Determined and steadfast in his vision, Vipin built his gym equipment with readily available unused iron rods, cement, bricks and terracotta, and had set up a gym in the family’s farm area. Later, he went on to achieve the initial milestones of success. As his new mission, Vipin does not only want people to take inspiration but also support him to open 50 rustic gyms, similar to what he had set up for himself, for youth in different villages of India who aim to achieve big.

Living life on high notes with Gladson Peter

Gladson Peter, a music enthusiast from Mumbai, has earned the title of ‘one-man-band’. He is the first and only one-person band in India that can play 13 instruments together, creating beautiful melodies. But that’s not all, Gladson Peter was diagnosed with a lung disorder – Pleural Effusion. As a result, the doctors declared that he would not be able to play any musical instrument due to the water in the lungs. But he decided to change his destiny and follow his passion for music. Slowly and steadily, Peter started playing multiple instruments simultaneously. It took him a lot of patience, complete dedication and hard work to bring back music into his life. Not only did he have to coordinate playing multiple instruments but also create a band station that he carried with him for his performance. His band station is highly customized and weighs more than 25 kgs. Under #Likeedreams initiative, Gladson has been able to expand his reach among the youth on India to inspire them.

#Likeedreams is all about motivating the talented youth to chase their dreams and follow their passion; even if they do not have the means to do so.


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