Boman Irani highlights the conveniences of home-use medical devices in brand’s latest ad

Delhi, 22 October 2021: Morepen Laboratories Limited, a leading healthcare company, roped in versatile performer and ace Indian actor, Boman Irani in an all-new brand campaign focused on the medical devices business. In its latest advertisement, he briefly guides about the benefits of having Dr.Morepen’s effective, accurate and handy home care devices.

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The medical devices are effortless unlike any other applications or gadgets, they can be used by following just few simple instructions to get accurate readings to keep one’s health in check. Even elderly people, who need to use simple solutions, can rely on these devices and be rest assured that these devices are quick and easy to use, without any hassles. Monitoring health is the best precautionary measure to avoid complication and manage sound health.

In the words of Mr. Boman Irani“Nowadays, it’s imperative to have healthcare devices like glucose monitor and blood pressure monitor also at home, besides having a thermometer. I consider this collaboration with Dr. Morepen a good opportunity to communicate how easy as well as important it is to self-monitor health. Dr. Morepen’s devices are user-friendly, quick and reliable. With the help of these devices, we may in fact add Health to our DIY lists, instead of depending on others!”

Morepen Laboratories is investing heavily in technology and mastering the process of home testing and make it convenient for the users to keep a tab on their vitals conveniently with help of latest digital devices that also stores and analyse the data for you.

Mr. Anubhav Suri, CEO of Medical Devices Business
, stated, “We are honored to have associated with legendary Bollywood star who has won many hearts for playing memorable characters in the film industry. The harsh pandemic has completely changed our perspective of health and safety, we have become more conscious about our choices and lifestyle to maintain well-being. Thus, we at Morepen are always focused on creating trouble-free technical solutions to help people to examine their health in safer and quicker ways. Our medical devices make it convenient for people to keep a record of their health in comfort of their houses. Mr. Boman Irani resonates and embodies the seriousness of this topic and rightfully shares insight in the latest ad. It gives us immense pride and satisfaction that Dr. Morepen products stand guard in every Indian home and not just takes care of family health but also the financial ruin that follows due to late detection of medical problem. A small investment in home diagnostics will act as an armour and protect your health.”

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Mr. Sushil Suri, Chairman & Managing Director added, “Our association with Mr. Irani is step forward to increase the reach and penetration of Medical Devices in India at a larger level and help our increase consciousness about the increasing menace of diabetes and cardiac disease which have entered fourth house in the country. We are confident that our association will go a long way in sending the message across the country through various channels To focus on the growth and big expansion plans of this fast-growing business segment, the shareholders of the company approved transferring the into a wholly subsidiary Morepen Devices Limited.”

The home monitoring market is currently US$ 25 billion and is expected to grow to US$ 50 billion in the next two years. There is an influx of medical devices that are aiding this transition, at the same time it is necessary to adapt to the changing environment as going to diagnostic centers might pose threat to the health. Educating the masses on the development is pivotal, and association with Indian cinema icon, Boman Irani will provide an additional boost.

About Morepen Laboratories Ltd.

Morepen is a leading manufacturer of high-quality APIs, Home Diagnostics, Formulations and OTC products in India since last 35 years. All the manufacturing facilities of the company are in the state of Himachal Pradesh and meet the latest international standards. Company’s both API facilities at Masulkhana and Baddi are approved by USFDA and other regulatory bodies of Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Baddi comprises a scientifically integrated complex of 10 plants, each with a specific product profile exporting to over 80 countries worldwide.

Morepen continues to invest in its Research and Development (R&D) infrastructure aimed at developing new molecules to deliver the latest drugs at competitive prices in the global markets. Morepen’s R&D Centre meets all the global regulatory requirements and was recently approved by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt of India, New Delhi. Morepen R&D and QA team, known for its impeccable service, has filed 125Patents, 60 DMFs and 8 CEPs for USA and Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan and Australian markets.

Morepen is also an established name in home diagnostics sector which remained untapped for a long time in India. Dr. Morepen has gained No.1 position in manufacturing and marketing of Blood Glucose Monitors in India. With a stable base of more than four million installations of Blood Glucose Monitors, the company has an installed base of over 10 million Glucose meters and has sold more than 600 million glucometer strips (single tests) till date. Dr. Morepen also has a formidable presence and is the leader in the Blood Pressure Monitors and Nebulizers segments in the domestic market.

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Brand Dr. Morepen, which was launched way back in 2001, has created a niche for itself in over the counter (OTC) and Self-Health segment products as well. Dr. Morepen has reached all over the country with over 100 products available both online and offline.

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