MRG School organises a blood donation camp in collaboration with Rotary Club


 MRG School organised a blood donation camp at its school. The student’s parents came forward to donate blood to help those in need. It was a mark of voluntary and active participation by parents, which drew praise from teachers and administration alike. It was done in collaboration with Rotary Club.

The blood donors were first examined properly, and only when they were deemed to be physically fit, they were cleared out to donate blood. The doctors gave proper instructions as to what they should eat and drink after blood donation. The medical staff explained the importance of donating blood and how it could help human society.

Cleanliness was taken care of, and proper hygiene was maintained at the site. Rooms were properly washed and cleaned before the blood donation camp was set up.

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The parents expressed their deep regard to the school for giving them an opportunity to be a part of a noble initiative. Children also pledged to donate blood after seeing their parents’ benevolent step.

Anshu Mital, Principal, MRG School, said, “We extend our gratitude to doctors and parents for their active participation in the blood donation camp. Blood donation is a small contribution we can make toward the welfare of society. Through this initiative, we also raised funds for zero hunger under SDG goals. Poverty and lack of blood donors cost many lives in India on a daily basis. The objective of organising the camp was to become a ray of hope for people who hail from the downtrodden sections of society and cannot afford proper medical treatment and facilities.

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