Organic Farming is a lifesaving Agriculture “Educated farmer for a conscious consumer”

Organic Farming

Organic Farming

  • Jaipur Rugs conscious effort to healthy living: Darryl d souza who is an engineer and therapist, a TEDx speaker, took 2 hour session in Jaipur Rugs regarding “Small Changes for Big Impact”
  • Medh farm is the modern example of doing farming where we incorporated horticulture. ”Modern techniques inculcating old way of farming”

  • Approximately 50 farmers came for the seminar out of which one is the lady farmer.

  • Farm fresh food is cooked in Medh farm and served to all participants.

  • Prof. Subhash Nalange, took session on “How to do Jaivik Kheti? He addressed how to use cow dung, cow urine to do Jaivik Kheti. Awareness about usage of complete green energy in farming field (Using all natural resources like solar) and food processes, how even excess waste can be managed.

  • Initiated Farmers club or community, by addressing the benefits of working together as a community by sharing each other’s wisdom.

  • Awareness about organic certification.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Being into the journey of uplifting artisans and spreading awareness about conscious consumerism from past 40 years, Jaipur Rugs took a step to bring organic (Jaivik) food to the consumers by educating farmers. Jaipur Rugs conducted a seminar where around 50 farmers across Jaipur participated and learnt about organic farming (Jaivik Kheti). The event took place at Medh farmwhich is 80 kms from Jaipur. Farmers shared problems of working with chemical in farming fields, water problems, less produces in the farm. Our one of the major highlight is the lady farmer who came for seminar Sushila Devi, she is from village names Chaksu. She is herself doing farming from generations and raised concerns of pesticides. She is ready to collaborate for joining the community which work towards healthy farm produces by applying Jaivik Kheti.

Organic Farming

Farm fresh food is also prepared and served during seminar to farmers. This step is taken to generate awareness about the change in taste and benefits of consuming and selling products from organic farming.

About Jaivik Kheti (Organic Farming): Jaivik Kheti is done by using micro-organism (Like earthworms, cow dung, cow urine) i.e. vermicompost. Jaipur Rugs at Medh farm make their own organic fertilizers. The produces from farm is used in Kitchen mess which feed almost 100+ employees in company’s head office. Jaipur Rugs is soon going to launch new brand for organic farm produces selling directly to end consumers.

Commenting on this meet, Nand Kishore Chaudhary Founder Jaipur Rugs said,“After making changes in carpet industry by unique socio economic model, our next step is towards changing the way of farmer and consumer connection. I want develop supply chain where we will empower farmers and aware them about direct market linkages so that they will be able to sell organic product directly to the consumer.” Adding to this I want to generate consciousness of farmers so that they can cater to conscious consumers.

About Jaipur Rugs:

Jaipur Rugs is the story of thousands of empowered weavers.

Integrating current designs with the sustenance of our communities, Jaipur Rugs brings weaver’s art directly to homes and delivers not just a carpet but the blessings of a family. Jaipur Rugs offers a curated line-up of contemporary to transitional and eclectic carpets handmade in rural India.

Jaipur Rugs works with close to 40,000 artisans in 600 villages in India, providing families with sustainable livelihood at their door steps. Each of our rug passes through 180 hands, perfecting the timeless art of handmade rugs.  We continue to work with over 2500 women yarn spinners from Bikaner to spin yarn on a rudimentary ‘charkha’, consciously choosing not to replace hundreds of hand-spinning jobs with machines.

Our designs are grounded with the understanding of living spaces and intelligent functionality. A Jaipur Rugs consumer not only owns a piece of art that they can walk on, but also get connected with the emotions of the weavers imbued in each knot. Every rug brings to the cities the stories of its weaver and binds the lives at the grassroots with urban consumers.

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