Poddar World School Offers 5 Layer Protection To All Students As Schools Reopen

Poddar World School

Jaipur, 26th August 2021: COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the inevitable role of schools in nurturing and managing children on a day to day basis. As parents struggled to manage their Work-Life Balance, COVID-19 highlighted the essential role of caretaking, development of skills and even engagement of children by schools and teachers. As the number of COVID-19 cases dipped and people willingly accepted to be vaccinated, the Government released the orders of reopening schools from class 9th to 12th in 50% capacity. Poddar World School in light of the recent announcement of ‘Back To School’ shared its preparedness on the 5 layer protection it shall offer to every student under its Podar Protection Chakravhiv. 

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Poddar World School has taken prior consent from parents to send students to attend schools All teachers vaccinated with at least 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine Schools to reopen with only 50% capacity per class for students from class 9th to 12th All Schools to offer Podar Protection Chakravhiv a 5 layer protection for children attending schools Emergency, Safety and Hygiene teams to be allocated for managing and maintaining social distancing practiceGroomed students with AI learning skills, Generation Global an online exchange program for students Poddar World School offered Online Knowledge exchange programs where teachers from other Universities shared knowledge while students were at home   

Mr. RaghavPodar, Chairman, Podar Education said, “We are delighted and anxious at the same time as students will be experiencing the school environment after a lengthy hiatus. We understand that parents would be anxious in sending their children to schools during these trying times, hence, our school is prepared a 5 layer protection or the Podar Protection Chakravhiv. We will ensure full safety and security to keep the best possible measures like monitoring students to maintain social distancing, wearing masks, temperature checks are assured while they enter the campus, sanitization of students and premises on timely intervals, breaks would be segregated as per classes where students would not involve in forming groups and follow social distancing practice, ensuring only 50% of students to attend the classes from standard 9th to 12th as declared by the State Government. We have ensured all our teachers have taken at least the 1st dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. We have mentally prepared our staff through mock drills, training sessions, discussions at the HO level and school level. We ensure all parents a seamless transition of students from their homes to our schools and back.”

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Mrs. SumitaMinhas, Principal, Podar World School Jaipur said, “We are fully prepared to welcome children back to school. We have taken full consent from all parents along with a self-health declaration of every single student before resumption. Since all students have not received consent from their parents, we shall continue to offer blended learning where online lectures can be accessed by students from their homes. Various teams shall be allocated such as the Hygiene team, Safety Team, Emergency Team, Team marking attendance, Team allocated at the entry and exit points, Team allocated in School buses to ensure social distancing and team will be fully functional. We shall also offer psychological counselling sessions to ensure mental health along with meditation and yoga sessions which will be conducted at least two days a week. The school shall share a nutrition chart which must be followed by every single student and shall not promote to eat outside food and only nutritious home-cooked food.”

The school shall continue to engage in extra-curricular activities through Dance and Zumba workouts. Students will be constantly engaged to enhance interpersonal skills through Discussions and Debate sessions. The school engaged in innovative learning practices amidst the lockdown through Flipped Classrooms which encouraged colleagues and friends of students to take classes bringing in a different vibe. Resource personals from other countries were invited to offer a global perspective to the learners especially concerning their cultural beliefs, educational structure, methodologies used in teaching and above all developing an ethos and culture that enable the learners to become independent thinkers who spearhead a dynamic future globally. Video Conferencing which schools in Asia and other countries as a part of the Student Exchange Program. This program was referred to as ‘Generation Global’. Podar World School across all its branches has also introduced a new initiative where machine language and coding is taught which helps students to be future-ready. 

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