Raghavendra Rathore: Man Behind Gurukul School of Design

Raghavendra Rathore: Man Behind Gurukul School of Design

What was the inspiration behind Gurukul School of Design? How did the idea of starting a fashion & design college come to you?

I have always valued the significance of education; the inspiration was set very early in my life when I was a young student. Some 25 years ago, I have the occasion of meeting an individual, who partly helped me sustain a world class education in New York. His support to me along with a zest to help others drove me towards the idea of setting up a design college a few years ago. The case for it was set up early, when I started my journey by fashioning products which were liked by people and then building a brand with culture as the essence.

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Since early age my parents instilled a conscience in me to give back to the society. My father Shri Swaroop Singh had a very pivotal role to play in making me aware of my moral responsibility. With the skill set I possess and the drive to enthusiasts aspiring young minds, I was determined to turn it into a benevolent direction.

The thought behind Gurukul is to start a change in the methods of teaching; an ingrained and hands on approach towards learning. Currently in our system the focus is on developing a designer but is that enough? I believe we need to make the designer understand the business behind his/her design; he/she should be able to span across and be able to market what he/she has created. At GSD through unique curriculum the focus is to create a brand who is business savvy and an entrepreneur.
With the changing time and a shift from a manufacturing to a design-oriented outlook we will have need of huge talent for which we need to be prepared.

Why did you decide to open Gurukul School of Design in Jaipur?

Jaipur is the cultural hub of India with a history rich in design. The location of the college will provide the students immediate access to handicrafts, endless textiles & rare techniques. The Gurukul will allow students an environment away from the noise and distraction of a large city and provide them with a calmness and tranquillity. The aim is to provide a new way of “thinking design” and all-inclusive education which will be taught by specialized and select team of faculty sourced from across the globe.

What does GSD intend to offer to students in terms of education, will western ideology of designing be a part of it? What would be the teaching methodology?

The Best of all the cultures has been thought through in the creation of the special program designed for GSD

What is the USP of Gurukul, which differentiates it from other design institutes?

Our aim is to create a brand and not just a designer. Our methods of teaching placed alongside of Gurukul way of learning will create the main differentiator for us at GSD. The Gurukul will teach the students deep rooted Indian culture with new global commercial wisdom to become a successful brand as soon as they graduate. The emphasis is on building an entrepreneur brand so that design students are capable to read balance sheets and also are able to value the rich heritage of our culture.

Tell us about the faculty and teachers?

We have decided upon a faculty which is a mix of professionals who have the experience in building up their own business and also have knowledge of delivering a lecture or a course in unique fashion. Most of the faculty are international experts who have been carefully chosen based on their understanding of Gurukul methodology of teaching. Many short courses which are part of 4 year course has been designed in a way to give an understanding to students about the pitfalls and difficulties a designer faces in becoming brands

Additionally, the faculty are just not fashion design teachers but also real-life executioners. It is very vital to have students interest in what they are being taught. Imparting unique knowledge is the key foundation of the GDS School of design.

What do we expect after 4 years of the course from students?

The 4 year course will cover all aspects of design, hone the skills in brand communication and allow the students to understand the business of fashion which will later enable them to set up their own brand and company. Post the course completion, we will absorb few students in our company based on their merit and they will be on contract to work on live assignments.

What will be the different types of courses available to the future designers?

I along with international experts have designed a special curriculum which will take the students through a learning experience which will introduce them to a fascinating volley of unique & short courses. The course is spread over 4 years during which the design hacks will build up the foundation of design for students and will make them strengthen their skill set that will help them later in their careers.

According to me fashion industry is ever evolving and therefore it is important for students to be agile, well-informed, and pragmatic and have the spontaneous ability and be able to adapt to a changing situation without hesitation and communicate their creative vision clearly, in the noisy business of fashion.

What will be the admission process?

The admission procedure is purely based on their present skills & creative abilities and a home exam.

Any scholarships or collaborations?

Collaborations with industry partners are going to be an important part in the third year, by then we also would like to have a scholarship fund

When will the first batch of GSD begin?

August 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any expansion plans for GSD in future?

Future to me is now

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