“My role as Sharda stands out the most in my career for a special reason”, reveals Aasiya Kazi from Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

Aasiya Kazi

Sony SAB’s widely acclaimed historical fiction show, Tenali Rama, continues to win viewers’ hearts by reviving the ancient tales and anecdotes of the legendary scholar and poet Tenali Rama and taking them right into the heart of Vijayanagar. Aasiya Kazi who plays Sharda in the show has won millions of hearts with her bubbly, energetic and comical role and she believes that her role is helping her adapt few qualities in real life too.

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Talking about why the role of Sharda stands out the most in her career, Aasiya revealed, “This is the first time that I explored the comedy genre with Tenali Rama. I had a major fear towards comedy in particular because I used to feel that I might not fit well in a character that has a comical element. I have carried this fear for so long that I never really gave any auditions for any shows that are even remotely related to comedy. When Tenali Rama came along, in a bid to try something different and overcome my fear, I gave the audition. I wasn’t sure if I will be selected for the role but fortunately, I was chosen. I feel proud to say that I made my debut in the comedy genre through Sharda. It will always be a milestone.”

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Talking about the challenges she faced in the beginning, she shared, “While I overcame my fear of exploring comedy and received the role of Sharda, the journey had just begun for me. I was very nervous in the beginning, thinking if I will be able to justify the character and I still feel that the comedy genre is challenging. Aasiya Kazi I was worried about the language that we had to use in the show. I remember reading Hindi newspapers daily and asking for my scripts in advance and going through them to understand the language. I don’t believe in memorizing the lines so I learned the language first and let the lines come off naturally. “

Aasiya Kazi

Revealing how her character has impacted her life and what she would like to adopt from Sharda, Aasiya said, My character Sharda is energetic and spontaneous. The quality that I admire the most about her is that she has the most beautiful way of dealing with stress or any problem. Sharda is hopeful and believes in looking for a solution to her problems. She is a happy-go-lucky person and I feel this is the quality that I would like to adopt in my life because I worry even about the smallest things and start over-thinking. So, I am already on the journey to be more like Sharda, a little by little every day and I really look forward to dealing with any problems haste.”

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