Rumour around the closure of offline classes amidst the increasing number of Omicron cases: What experts are saying

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Just when the schools and students were gearing up to resume physical classes and going back to normalcy slowly, the emergence of the new Covid variant Omicron came as another roadblock. Immediately the rumours started floating around that the schools might be shut down again. Social media proliferation is pervasively increasing as rumours are spreading wide all around. This epidemic variant has created a gripping fear within the parents. The schools had just reopened physically and most of the parents have agreed to continue their ward’s education in the physical environment.

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This was possible as every one of these parents had a great sigh of relief from the pandemic situation. The parents entrusted the school with their ward’s safety. However, the increasing number of Omicron cases is creating an atom of doubt. If the number of cases keeps increasing it might start affecting the liberty or the freedom that is enjoyed by every learner in the physical environment. The prudent people should consider every aspect and only rely on information shared on authentic sources by the experts for making decisions. As a part of a responsible organisation, Orchids-The international School, I can assure all my students and their parents that we have been very cautious about our physical class operations and we are adhering to all safety guidelines provided by the Govt. Authorities in all 48+ branches across India.

Fortunately, we have been able to gain the confidence of the parents of students and they are eager to send their kids to our schools as and when Govt. bodies start allowing the resumption of offline schools. I believe that the positive energy that we all spread would definitely originate positive vibes and the same would spread around and heal this world from this current scenario. We need to stand united to ensure that we will fight against any kind of variant and overcome through our nature of forbidding and showing a deaf ear to any kind of negativity in the form of rumours at this closure.

Mrs. Jemi Sudhakar
Principal- Orchids-The International School
Annapoorneshwari Nagar

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