Seven things candidates need to learn for a job in coding


Article authored by – Mr. Narayan Mahadevan, Founder – BridgeLabz

Many openings in the software developer job market indicate the rapid pace of growth in the IT sector. Like other complex professions, programming jobs require a particular skill set. And it is more than just strong coding skills that are needed to succeed in getting hired in today’s competitive market. Even though some of these skills come naturally, many others need the candidate’s constant dedication. Here are some of the seven skills that candidates need to get a coding job:

Coding language

It may seem obvious, but one needs to know at least one programming language to get a job in coding. Instead of learning every programming language in bits and pieces, it is better to become proficient in one language. There are three primary programming languages – Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Developed in the 80s, Python is one of the easiest coding languages being used by big tech companies like Google and Yahoo. Similarly, Ruby is an easily accessible and widely prevalent coding language. It is used in developing websites and mobile apps. Lastly, JavaScript is deployed for front-end development. The most frequently used programming language is developing websites and games for the internet.

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Communication skills

Effective communication skills are a must for landing a coding job as it includes communicating with the client and team members as well. Recruiters look for candidates who have a combination of good coding and communication skills. Such talent is expected to ensure a smooth workflow. It is no longer feasible in the developer jobs to sit in the offices in isolation and work. It has gained even more importance in the time when companies are working on the hybrid model.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills mean the talent is expected to communicate effectively with colleagues and maintain sound relationships. It is part of an experiential learning method. They are in a position to effectively resolve conflicts, manage teams and build strong relationships with everyone around. It enables them to grow in their career. In the post-pandemic world, companies need coders who understand their colleagues and are empathetic. It is part of ensuring efficient work while people work from distance. Far from physical proximity, interpersonal skills make the development of social bonds much easier.

Problem-solving and critical thinking

It is more often than you’d think when coders come across bugs that need them to critically of their own work. In such a scenario, as a coder, you must have the ability to think out of the box and resolve the problem in a stipulated time. You need to be able to organize your thoughts after taking a look at the problem and execute it effectively. You have to be on your feet when it comes to problem-solving in the IT sector.

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Applying practical knowledge

As a new coder in the industry, you may have a lot of theoretical knowledge about your project. But you need to be able to put the same theoretical knowledge to practice. It goes a long way in the professional growth in the IT industry.

Attention to detail

The aptitude for coding can be measured in different ways but there is no substitute for the efforts made by a person at an individual level. It is one of the prerequisite abilities to be able to pay attention to detail. It means understanding the interconnectivity in commands, general awareness and lingual precision. One way to learn is through an organization or by building a game plan that can be assessed, reviewed and improved.

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Keeping up with the emerging trends

The marketplace in IT is changing fast. With the speed at which the tech is developing, everything from cloud to mobile apps is outpacing the supply of skilled workers in the sector. The emerging trend of the shift towards code written by machine learning is leading to the need for humans who can work in synch with AI. As a coder, you must keep up with such trends and build your set of skills in a way that makes you unique when companies are hiring a coder.

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