SkillUp Online charting new AI-based career opportunities across India in association with Pacific Lutheran University, USA


Sanskriti University and Rayat Bahra University will also be a part of these advanced and straightforward skill development programs

New Delhi, October 25th, 2021: Catering to the needs of the rapidly evolving global job market and the needs of the Gen Z students, SkillUp Online has announced a strategic collaboration with Pacific Lutheran University to introduce new-age purposeful learning programs. To ensure that students and young professionals take full advantage of this transformative learning experience, notable institutions such as Sanskriti University and Rayat Bahra University have already signed up for this program. It is pertinent to note that SkillUp Online is working vigorously to offer futuristic and transformational learning programs to learners driven on the back of custom cloud computing solutions.

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As of now, SkillUp Online has created a strategic and meticulous 3-year plan. Currently, the brand is working on setting a strong foundation for purposeful learning programs. The platform will achieve this by initiating a few selected courses and bringing in expert faculties through Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) that will be supported by fully assisted mentoring, including one-on-one mentoring. In 2022, SkillUp Online will be introducing more skill development and learning courses in its portfolio and shape the overall curriculum towards minor and major academic programs. Furthermore, by the end of 2023, the brand will introduce students and credit exchange programs to ensure that the modern-age generation can avail the best-in-class opportunities.

Apart from the aforementioned programs, SkillUp online will also begin with Thrive skill that is relevant and crucial for the overall development of the learners. In a nutshell, Thrive skills are a combination of human, soft skills, and futuristic skills such as next-gen tech skills. These skills will give learners an edge above their contemporaries during interviews and otherwise.

Speaking about this collaboration, Mr. J P S Kohli, Founder, and Chairman, SkillUp Group said, “We are thrilled to add one more feather to our cap. New India is a work in progress, but with the introduction of the National Education Policy 2020 encouraging foreign universities to set up campuses in India, we are sure the tide is turning towards a transformative learning environment. Pacific Lutheran University has a long and successful history of integrating professional education and civic engagement and has been earmarked as having one of the best business schools in the USA. Through this collaboration, we expect to empower and equip students and young professionals with advanced technical and interpersonal skills so that they can pave the way for exciting future endeavors.”

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Representing Pacific Lutheran University, a spokesperson from the university said, “As educators, it is our privilege to associate with an organization like SkillUp Online which is working brilliantly for the holistic development of our modern-age human resources. The Gen Z crowd will be leading the future. As educators, it is our responsibility to arm our students with advanced technical and soft skills so that these young professionals can reach their full potential. Statistics have shown that developing industries such as the IT sector are gearing up to hire at least 1.3 billion employees. As a leading educational institution, we are trying to imbibe our students with futuristic knowledge and skills so that they can be at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology and digital era.”

Dr. Rana Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Sanskriti University, said, “We have always believed in offering our students pre-eminent and superior quality education. However, the current generation is far more competitive, sophisticated, and future-oriented. At such a juncture, where the talent pool of students is overflowing but the opportunities are only a handful, how can one have that advantage over others? The answer is simple. Students must stay updated with new-age skills and knowledge. However, there should also be a specific goal. This is why we are signing up for this purposeful learning program so that our students can learn and gain knowledge while steadily moving towards their ultimate goal.”

Vice President at Rayat Bahra University, Gurinder Singh Bahra, said, “We are excited to start a new chapter in our endless learning journey. We are sure that given the track record of SkillUp Online and their remarkable results, our students will be able to avail the extraordinary skills and knowledge through a purposeful learning program. We are confident that this program will help the students who will soon become the young professionals of tomorrow have an edge above their competitors and colleagues. In the age of roaring competition and limited opportunities, we believe these modernistic values, skills, and learning methodologies will help our students learn priceless lessons.”

On the back of prolific resources, unquestionable results, and inarguable benefits, SkillUp Online has offered services to mega tech giants like Microsoft, Centriq Training, IBM, HITACHI, VMWARE, and many more. Through its partnership with Pacific Lutheran University, more students and young professionals will be able to avail themselves of a chance of a lifetime to acquire knowledge through industry leaders and experts and prepare deftly for the future.

About SkillUp Online

Preparing today’s young minds and professionals for the fourth Industrial Revolution, SkillUp Online is transforming the learning process. Venturing into fields like Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Web & Mobile, and more; SkillUp Online works with Fortune 1000 companies to deliver digital-ready learning solutions that meet the needs of Enterprises, Higher Education Institutes, Governments, and Learning Partners. The company is helmed by founder and CEO, JPS Kohli, former director of online training at Microsoft, and SkillUp Online’s CEO, Ratan Deep Singh, who was previously associated with United Health Group.

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