Social Media and the Sports Industry: Two Powerful Giants Meet


The prominence of social media in today’s world has drastically increased over the last couple decades. There isn’t an industry that hasn’t felt its impact—nowadays, everything is about followers, shares, and likes. Of course, this includes the sports industry too. The infographic created by the team from BettingSites clearly outlines the relationship between social media and sports, providing us with some fascinating facts and figures.

Social media has enabled sports clubs and organizations to reach their fans worldwide in a more direct way. Now, they have a chance to gain popularity by sharing engaging content on social networks since their audience is eager to find out as much as possible about their favorite teams.

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The top three sports clubs on social media are Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Manchester United. Sports events are also promoted via social media, and they usually have hashtags associated with them, which increase audience engagement. Athletes have embraced this new way of communication as well, and they all have at least one social network account where they share interesting information about their professional and private lives, creating a more personal relationship with their followers.

Sports brands are trying to exploit this great potential by offering product endorsement deals to well-known athletes. Consider Cristiano Ronaldo, who alone has more than a million followers on Instagram. Just to illustrate how lucrative this type of marketing can be, Nike got an ROI of half-a-million dollars thanks to Ronaldo’s powerful presence on social networks.

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As the influence of social media rises across all segments of our lives, the sports industry is also going through a transformation process. Since more than 60% of sports viewers follow sports online, TV channels are rapidly losing their subscribers. And with 650 million sports fans on Facebook alone, it’s evident that sports enthusiasts are migrating to social platforms where they can get the latest sports news or participate in lively discussions about their favorite teams. The infographic below will give you a good picture of this emerging trend.

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