Students of DPS Raj Nagar Extension Spread Awareness on Conservation of Environment


The students of Class V at DPS Raj Nagar Extension showcased their dedication towards environmental conservation by staging a special assembly centred around the significance and preservation of forests. The assembly aimed to foster in the young minds, an insight into the importance of forests in maintaining a sustainable environment and ensuring human well-being.

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The assembly commenced with a serene prayer followed by a thought-provoking quote, setting the tone for the value of trees in our lives. The students, acting as budding journalists, then presented news headlines highlighting the current state of our environment and the increasing need for forest conservation. Through captivating presentations and engaging storytelling, the children enlightened the audience about the historical significance of ‘Van Mahotsava’ and how it has been celebrated across cultures. The highlight of the assembly was an impactful presentation that illustrated the essentiality of greenery in human life and envisioned the potential consequences if steps are not taken now to preserve them.

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“We are immensely proud of our students for their commendable efforts to highlight the ardent need of forest conservation through this special assembly. We not only believe in nurturing academic excellence but also in developing a deep sense of responsibility towards Mother Earth. This assembly instilled in our students, a love for nature and a profound understanding of the importance of trees. We hope this awareness will inspire them to become the ambassadors of environmental conservation and positively impact the world,” quoted Ms. Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal, DPS Raj Nagar Extension. 

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