Tech Tools Reshaping the Future for Students, Teachers Working Professionals

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Tech Tools impact of the growth of online education has permeated the different layers of professional and student lives across the world. The advancements in digital technologies have ushered in a suitable period for people to develop crucial skills required to be job-ready for industry 4.0, and the basis of professional development is being defined by highly advanced skills. Adaptive thinkingcross-cultural competencycomputational thinkingsocial intelligencevirtual collaboration and a plethora of future-ready skills are sought after by more and more companies but remain outside the peripheries of traditional education institutions.

Proliferation of EdTech companies has led to the creation of an alternate education model, which is playing a discerning role in developing applications in learning architectures, along with providing accessibility, better control over time-management, and flexibility for students and working professionals. SaaS-based EdTech encompasses scalability, better engagement through learning platforms, improved education management due to easy-to-use interfaces, and more. Technologies such as virtual and augmented realityblockchainSTEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Labs and others are being leveraged to enhance the overall experience of education, dramatically changing the opportunities to learn and upskill.

Here are 4suchEdTech platforms reshaping the future of education for students and professionals:


D2L is a global learning innovation technology company reshaping the future of work and education, with a mission to transform the way the world learns. Their team brings global insight, expertise, and perspective to the most progressive and meaningful advancements in learning. Every day, they’re inspiring more than 15 million learners and educators in over 40 countries around the world. In both education and the corporate world, learner-centric approach is replacing outdated educational models with fresh thinking and approaches built for the 21st century.

Their signature, cloud-based software product – D2L Brightspace – enhances the learning experience. The platform provides digital tools that inspire learners, and data and analytics to equip educators in the digital age. Enabling a unique perspective on the link between the education and corporate worlds is creating new possibilities for both. The company works to unify a diverse and fragmented learning market through a powerful ecosystem of technology that is supported by more than 20 years of expertise and a vision for the future of work and learning.

D2L is an agent of change: on the frontier of personalized learning, inspiring millions of minds that shape the world.


Extraaedge, an EdTech startup that provides product based Software-as-a-Service to leading institutions globally, is helping institutions better manage admission processes by providing marketing automation CRM software to help the education industry reach students with greater success rates. The startup’s software is aimed at increasing productivity of counsellors in institutions, with automated timely follow ups, decreased lead leakage, optimising marketing costs and improving decision making.

Education institutions can now access a larger base of students with higher turnover rates through efficient digital tools like Education CRM, Chatbots and live chat, application form manager, among others.

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ByteLearn is an EdTech platform made by teachers that provides a supportive environment to students that enables them to engage and persist in learning and solving math problems with step-by-step explanations, while also generating key insights for teachers to learn about the knowledge gaps present in a student’s learning process through leveraging practice assignments. ByteLearn is a digital teaching assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence that specifically helps students enjoy and learn math, a subject dreaded by most people.


Kuhoo is a platform that leverages technology in order for students to access loans online to pursue the education of their dreams. Their initiative focuses on reducing the financial burden of higher education from families, giving students control over choices for graduation and post-graduation pursuits. The company believes that money shouldn’t be a stumbling block for students to realise their dreams, and provides digital loans to democratise education for the masses. Students can access loans through the mobile application or website.

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