The Three Excursionists and the Mysteries of Marville Woods – A thriller by 8th grader

Pramukh G, an 8th grader CMR National Public School

Bangalore: Writing a story is all about coming up with a plot, having a strong imagination, creativity, and a coherent thought process. Inspired by reading various mystery and adventure fiction books of Sherlock Holmes, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, Pramukh G, an 8th grader CMR National Public School has written and published his first book The Three Excursionists and the Mysteries of Marville Woods. This mystery, action, and the adventure-filled book is about three siblings in a camp, their adventures, struggles, and hard decisions to solve a peculiar mystery in the forest. The book is now available on Amazon India, in kindle and paperback format.

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In the book, the trio has an unexpected thrilling separation, lost in the middle of nowhere, and then has to survive the nights alone. They set out to find their siblings in the beautiful wilderness, after hours of searching, finally being united with their siblings only to find out their class had been kidnapped! They find a half-scribbled note reading – Jewe… written in a hurry. The book is all about mystery and adventure through the forest terrain and consent with the wild to solve this mysterious puzzle that makes us wonder will the trio be able to find their class? Are they going to unveil the truth? And will they ever learn the meaning of Jewe…?

Delighted over publishing his first book, Pramukh said, “Since my childhood, I was passionate about reading poems, stories, novels especially adventure and mystery. This inspired me to write short stories initially. I have now written many short stories and participated in various writing competitions in school. This helped me discover the true meaning of words and I started analyzing words in every piece of writing I happen to read. As I was exposed to more such books, it eventually inspired me to write a book all by myself. So I came up with a plot, characters in the plot, and started penning down my thoughts which finally culminated in The Three Excursionists and the Mysteries of Marville Woods. Unlike the other mystery books, the plot of my book is unpredictable.”

Congratulating Pramukh, Ms. Swati Soni, Head of School, CMRNPS, said, “It gives us immense pleasure to see such bright, creative, and skillful students at our school. We at CMR NPS always encourage students to participate in various events and competitions that help upskill students and increase their knowledge. I want to congratulate Pramukh on publishing his first book and encourage him to continue writing more.”

This story puts six of the most skillful plot twists in play, which mold the story in a fascinating way. With things not coming together very easily for the trio, this adventure is sure to be one of the cleverest and substantial mysteries ever, one of the best thereof it’s kind. 

The entire process of writing the book to publish it took seven months and is published by Notion Press, Chennai.

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