The WorldGrad announces partnership with US Universities to expand its Study Abroad portfolio


18 November 2021: The WorldGrad, a data-driven study abroad platform has partnered with US universities to make the best of global education and make it more accessible to Indian students. In the same vein, they have developed the ‘All American Year 1 program’ where a student can earn US college credits online.  The credits are equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree at an American university.  Upon completion, students can transfer to a university of choice for 2-4 years. Program credits are validated and issued by  Mount Saint Mary’s University, LA, and Tiffin University and are recognized by over 4000 American higher education institutions.

The WorldGrad partners with leading universities of the US, and brings an opportunity for Indian students to complete the year 1 program at American Universities remotely.

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The All American program and partnerships launched in the fall of  2021 and the intakes will begin from January of 2022. Furthermore, The WorldGrad has signed articulation agreements with notable universities such as, New York Institute of Technology (leading engineering university in New York), Mount Saint Mary’s University, LA (prestigious liberal arts college on the west coast), and Tiffin University (multi-disciplinary provider) and others in the US top-250 list for this program which will allow students a seamless transition to the overseas campuses.

The value of these partnerships is that students will now have access to specially-approved financial aid and scholarships on the basis of their academic scores as well as a simplified admissions process by removing the need for SOPs, LoRs, SAT / ACT, etc. These are usually the biggest hurdles for students seeking an American degree. Moreover, students stand to save nearly 30-40 Lakhs by doing the first year from home and later joining the campus.

With this program introduction, The WorldGrad aims to bridge the academic gap between the Indian school system and the American higher education systems thereby preparing the Indian students for success overseas. This program also comes with a unique 2-teacher model, which allows students to get personalized mentorship and guidance from on-campus facilitators. This way the process becomes friendly and trustworthy as students feel they are treated in the same manner as campus students.

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For the universities, the biggest benefit is that they would be receiving students who have already proved their capabilities in an American year 1 program thereby creating a higher quality of students who are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed on-campus.

Talking about the same, Abhinav Mital, CEO, and Founder- The WorldGrad, said, “ The All American Year 1 Program will substantially bring the cost down for students who aspire to become  American undergraduates to about USD100K or below which will approximately be INR 75L. This means a US degree will now be at par with other destinations such as the UK and Canada. Our second priority is  STEM-designated courses in technology, analytics, cyber security, etc. which open doors to high skill employment opportunities for students to look forward to a much superior educational and professional future in the US.”

“We are looking to advance the key benefits of the program which are – cost, quality, and ease of admissions. So, we are able to bring the best scholarships / financial aid options, program options, and simplified admissions processes to our students.”, he added.

Bob Perrins, University Provost, Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles said, “We are excited to partner with The WorldGrad and looking forward to providing educational opportunities to female students in India. We look forward to welcoming students to our online courses and eventually our campus where they will experience a transformative education enhanced by an emphasis on building leadership skills and fostering a spirit to serve others!”

Amy Wood, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Success, Tiffin University quoted, “ This program allows students the best of both worlds as they can study online at home for a year and save some tuition dollars, and then enjoy the experiences of living on a safe college campus in the United States for the remainder of their program. Tiffin University is centrally located to many great destinations, which allows students to easily travel when they are on breaks throughout the academic year.”

With this, The WorldGrad offers students a way to more than 150 qualifications across 4 countries and nearly 20 well-reputed institutions. And their goal is to expand these education options to over 1000 in the coming year and create a path for students to get good universities in all the leading overseas education destinations.

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